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No GravatarMondo released the following tweet


Super Castlevania IV had some of the best music in the series as a whole, so this is very welcome. I think I will try and pick this up myself. What about you all?

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No GravatarMick Gordon, who composed the music for DOOM 2016 posted this video of the tune Rip and Tear. The video indicated it is part of an official soundtrack, but when that is coming, has not yet been revealed.

See the video Mick posted here



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No GravatarNintendo has released footage of the Squid Sisters concert from Japan Expo 2016. Callie and Marie take the crowd through some of their biggest hits and this reinforces my belief that Nintendo needs to make a spinoff rhythm game for the NX starring the Squid Sisters. Check out the footage below.

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No GravatarNews came about just a few days ago that Anime Limited has gained the license for the original soundtrack for the popular anime series Attack on Titan. The soundtrack contains 16 tracks, both inserts and background music, from the anime all composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, who has also composed songs for Gundam Unicorn, Guilty Crown and Kill la Kill. Songs include Attack On Titan, The Reluctant Heroes, Call Your Name, Eye-Water, Counter Attack-Mankind, and Rittaikidou.

We can expect a physical CD release later this summer, but as of right now, you can buy and download the entire soundtrack from all of the popular digital music stores, such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

[Source: Anime News Network]


Listening to Senbonzakura with Miku

No GravatarHardcore Hatsune Miku fanboys and fangirls feel loneliness no more because the great and benevolent makers of… well essentially a waifu app with Miku, released a translation of their popular game unto the English market. But before spending your hard earned $3.99 on this app you must be asking yourselves is it any good?

Tutorial begining screen

Essentially the app claims it will allow you to “enjoy music more with Miku” and I say they’ve delivered pretty well on that promise. This is not a gaming app and has limited interactivity, so I only recommend this to hardcore Vocaloid fans. I shall explain it in greater detail after the pretty pictures.

End of tutorial screen

Forever and ever and ever…..

Listening to Senbonzakura with Miku

Just listening to Senbonzakura while Miku jams along makes this app worth every penny.

Essentially this is another type of music player. You pick what songs you want to listen to and when you press play you can get to listen to your favorite songs with Miku. Now let’s make it clear she doesn’t dance or sing along, she moves to the rhythm with some head bopping and other stuff to break the routine. The element that makes this app more than just a buddy to listen to music with is the interaction element.

You interact with Miku by gaining points you get from listening to music with her. When you spend a point you can ask her a question, get asked a question, and if you’re lucky get a high five. What’s truly a shame is some of the questions are repeated over and over again to the point you answer or ask other stuff out of boredom, she’s lucky all her reactions are cute.

Interesting answers


The Engrish isn’t strong with this translation, but it is present. The game is also riddled with glitches I randomly happen to stumble upon and definitely needs some fixing here and there. My main pet peeve is the bar with the time and battery life is present on top unlike other apps, and the game has a clock so it isn’t like I need it.

Item to collect: smartphone

At least she’s rich enough to get me nice things ^_^


The best part of this game though is the items she gives you when you fill the interaction bubble. It’s always interesting to see what the latest item she gave me is and I’m looking forward to getting every single one of them.

It’s a nice simple app to keep you company. Play too long with it and you will be bored, so just use it to fill in those calm moments when you listen to music to add flavor to your daily routine. If you need some more fanservice, there are 3 additional outfit and head sets, although I don’t think they’re worth their cost ($3.99 same as the game). You can get the game on iTunes now!

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*Volunteer Positions* While evaluating the state of the Gaming Journalism scene, I noticed that we at Real Otaku Gamer has a unique approach when covering geek/otaku culture. As the site gets restructured and we go into our 3rd year, we are looking to create opportunities that will help the site become more robust and varied with coverage. Real Otaku Gamer has a global vision, we accept writers from all over the world.

These new job positions are going to help Real Otaku Gamer become more organized and develop a bigger community so we can grow as a brand. These positions are volunteer only as we are a small site. As we grow so will the sponsors and hopefully revenue.


These New Positions are as follows:

1. Community Manager: You will be taking care of the daily running of the site. You will work along side the Editor in Chief and other Admins on the site with promoting the site and helping build a brand. You must have good communication skills.

2.Marketing and PR: You will be responsible for all Public Relations with companies and the community. You must have good communication skills and be able to relate to people of a number of levels. You will also run contests and giveaways.

3.Managing Editor: You will work closely with all staff to make sure the posts we produce, are up to our standards.

4.Social Media Manager: You will be in charge of growing our social networking presence. You will be working close to the senior staff.

5. Assistant to Editor in Chief: You will assist the E.I.C. in the daily running of the site.

6.Advertising and Promotion: contact us for more details.

7.Art Director: contact us for more details.

8.Podcast Producer/Editor: contact us for more details.

9.Video Producer/Editor :contact us for more details.

Now, the next few positions are for the Real Otaku Gamer Specialists. These positions are dedicated for people who want to cover a specific genre/category. This is where your inner Otaku can really shine.

1. PC

2. Mobile/Tablet

3. Tech

4. Anime

5. Manga

6. Comics

7. Nintendo

8. Sony

9. Microsoft

10. Movies/Television

11. Asian Cinema

12.Indie Games

13.Toys/models and Merchandise

14.Convention Coverage

15.Cosplay and Cosplay Culture

To apply for these positions, you must first submit a writing sample and once the sample is approved, submit an small essay telling us why we should pick you for the job you are interested in. An essay is not necessary for all positions. Deadline to have the samples submitted is May 20th, 2013. We must have all essays in my May 17th. Send the Essays and Samples to

If you have any questions about any of the positions and their responsibilities, just email us at or go to the Twitter and Facebook pages. Thanks you for your time.

Andre Tipton

Founder/Editor in Chief

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Guitar Hero promo wallpaper

Do you remember Guitar Hero? I sure do. If you’re reading this you probably do too because not a lot of five year old kids visit our website.

Guitar Hero broke new ground as one of the most successful game franchises of the 2000’s. When it came out in 2005 it became an instant hit and went on to release Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock all with astounding sales, earning them $1.7 billion in 2008, the high point of success for the franchise. Then it all went to hell.

Afterwards official continuations to the main Guitar Hero video game that never made as much money as their first three games were released and a huge number of spin offs focusing on specific bands, and very successful ones like The Beatles and Areosmith as well as more obscure ones, came out and flooded the market. The sales kept decreasing until it became obvious this monster that had unleashed itself onto the world was dying and so Activision decided instead of seeing it suffer any longer to pull the plug on the operation and not release any more games.

I was contemplating the absurdity of how this franchise had gone from the video game essential that every household with kids around my age (I was in middle school around the time) was guaranteed to have to an essential bargain bin game. My mind went back to when I was reading this video game review magazine that had a special section on Guitar Hero discussing if it was here to stay or it would go down the tubes. The section claiming it would go on forever claimed Guitar Hero’s success was based on the fact it centered around something timeless, music, and it was a game that anyone of any age could get into. The more cynical side claimed Guitar Hero was only successful because it was the game of the moment and people would eventually get tired of it and move on to the next big thing. Both had valid points that are reasons for the game’s eventual failure, even the one with a positive outlook.

Rhythm matching and music based games have never been popular in America. Most of them are confined to the arcade because it’s pretty novel to perform in public, which ironically is where “Guitar Hero” ended up. Now Guitar Hero as a game work just fine but it never really gives the player much of an incentive to play by themselves. All the characters are pretty stock generic rock star characters, there is no story, and you never get attached to said characters because all they do is perform and voila. Hell, I remember playing as a specific character and then I get a cut scene with some random guy. Talk about laziness. And once they began releasing as many games as they could for the sake of profit the market became stale and there was really nothing new to look forward to.

Then what about the games with well known LEGENDS? That brings me to my second point. A very sad one. Rock had been dead for some time when Guitar Hero came out and even this franchise couldn’t bring it back in style. All in all despite its success it was doomed for failure solely because rock was dying and those who initially bought it would lose interest with all the mainstream garbage coming out as for the kids following them wouldn’t even think to look at it because they wouldn’t recognized the auto tuned talentless synthetic music they’ve grown up with. Which is why they couldn’t register the sheer awesomeness of some of these games.

Now the main reason this game failed is because, well, the average person can’t enjoy it unless they’re with their friends. I remember mostly pulling out the house’s copy of Guitar Hero when friends came over and the main objective of playing alone was to impress them with mad skills once they showed up (I preferred my Nintendo games). It was a great bonding experience. However there’s only so many times kids can do something before getting tired of it. It was something that inexplicably became popular and died out like Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh, and don’t hate me for making that comparison because I know many kids who used to play it are now the kind of people that make you lament the times you live in and you know it too.

Now that doesn’t undermine the importance and greatness of this game but it is a testimony of how the video game industry is vulnerable to sudden changes in consumer tastes. If Guitar Hero had been made as a niche game it probably would’ve survived to this day, but it was made to be larger than life and lucrative, and once it didn’t meet those needs it was abandoned because when it comes to large company the bottom line is profit. Guitar Hero was a great game, and I am thankful I was able to experience it at the peak of its popularity. I can say with confidence it is one of the best music based game of all times and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

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No GravatarGFF is in session and found some pretty sweet figures that should be in high demand and sold out within a few days, I begin with….

Arkham City Play Arts Kai Batman and Robin

Remember seeing Robin in Arkham City and having your jaw drop because he became one of the sexiest things ever? I know I do. But back onto figures they made one of Robin and his former boss Batman.

Batman figureRobin figure

They’re both articulate and have extra parts. Robin has two hands and his famous baton while Batman has only one versatile grappling hook and three hands, one of which comes with claws.

Robin figure

It’s a bit sad Batman doesn’t come with loads of gadgets, remember when he had the most awesome utility belt one the planet? My only complain with Batman is he looks very bulky, even for modern Batman. Other than that we have another round of beautiful Square Enix masterpieces.

Maker: Square Enix  Average online price: $55.91

Super Sonico: Tiger Hoodie Version (Limited Edition Nendoroid)

Super Sonico with hoodieSuper Sonico singing

The figure is rather new, and I don’t know what its parts exactly are but it does come with a microphone and a guitar with at least three interchangeable faces.

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $78.13

GUMI Nendoroid

The Megpoid mascot finally gets her own Nendoroid figurine to the joy of Vocaloid fans everywhere. It surely resembles he lineness, except tinier and cuter.


She has other faces and changeable hands. There you see her winking while flashing a rock on sign!

Winking Gumi

There’s she’s putting her goggles on, not sure why she even has them in the first place but it looks cool.

Gumi with goggles on

And now for the ultimate adorableness she’s riding her character prop, a carrot with….. I don’t even know what to call that face but it WORKS.

Gumi on carrot

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $38.56

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August 17-19

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August 17-19

This convention is a can’t miss for geeks in Miami! The convention prides itself as an anime convention, but has expanded to include many fandoms including gaming, tabletop, and American pop culture. Panels to suit any tastes are abundant, but there are too many to cover. So all you need to know is yours truly will be hosting ROG panels the Saturday and Sunday of the con. Freebies will be given out to the lovely people who attend so I suggest you all come and enjoy yourselves, you might get something.


10-11 AM: The Birthday Panel

7:30-8 PM: Otaku on a Budget


1:30-3 PM: The History of Vocaloids

One of the main events this year is a new Masquerade Ball that will be held the Friday of the weekend. Saturday will also be host to a pool party and a cosplay contest, and while Sunday is the shortest day in convention time, it usually is the most relaxed one, perfect after two days of excitement so you can just lay back, chill with other fans and perhaps catch a few panels. Mizucon 2012 will be fun, so plan your days ahead of time to make the most of what it has to offer and just have fun!

The list of all the panels and events that will occur can be seen here.

No GravatarWith a new year in full swing, it’s time for us to step back and assess our faults and weaknesses, as well as how we can improve ourselves. However, if you’re making the same old resolutions year after year and nothing’s changing maybe it’s time to make some new resolutions. So instead of promising to lose weight or get a boyfriend/girlfriend (again), it’s time for some REAL change. Here are my recommendations.


1. Watch an anime a day: By that I mean watch an episode everyday. The busy person needs a chance to relax, and a 30 minute break is a good way to recharge and get back into action. Plus, if you have more free time or nothing to do, instead of wasting time scrolling through Facebook you can do something you actually enjoy. Plus most of the time, it’s FREE! Funimation and Anime Network have YouTube channels you can watch entire seasons of anime from, with sub and dub options and sometimes high definition. And if there’s something you can’t find, some libraries have many anime options.


Those are just the DVDs that make up an entire season. And all the ones available are nothing compared to legal anime on Youtube.


2. Read a manga per week: Don’t forget about manga! Read a manga in your free time or before going to bed. Surprisingly, some libraries have a wide selection of manga, mostly really popular manga but also some lesser known but nonetheless great manga. Or pay homage to the culture and buy some for yourself.


3. A change of clothes: By that I mean if you’ve worn the same shirts for more than three years, it’s time to buy some new ones. With Internet shopping and after Christmas sales it’s easy to overload on pop culture and video game shirts without breaking the bank.


HA! Obscure references.


4. Redo your room: Buy posters of your fave anime characters. Get some shelves to display those figurines. Arrange your video game collection and get those clothes off the floor. And maybe let some natural light in before you forget natural light exists.

I would post a picture of my real room, but I don't want to traumatize innocent people.


5. Go to a real life nerdy event once a month: You only live once, so make this the year you begin truly breaking out of your shell. By going somewhere where people like you are gathered, you open yourself up to new encounters. Plus you have fun! When I began participating in the nerd scene, I realized how much I was missing out on, and I wanted to tell everyone I knew they had to get out there. So get out there and attend conventions, Nerdcore concerts, zombie walks, collectibles shows, the possibilities are endless! Look for events on social media, check out events other nerdy friends talk about, check out the Animecon website to look for cons, Google for events, whatever you do just do it. This might just become the best promise you’ve ever made to yourself, but you won’t know until you’ve tried it.


The joys of living. I'm in there, somewhere.


Happy New Year everyone! I truly hope the next year is your best and following also, on behalf of everyone here at Real Otaku Gamer.