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Skullcandy announced a line of headphones for women.  These headphones will recognize the “anatomical and acoustic differences between men and women,” according to research conducted by Skullcandy.  Above is the only current image released, but they have stated that the line of headphones will consist of pinks, purples, and flowers.

Skullcandy will launch these headphones on March 15, 2014 with prices ranging from $30 to $100.

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James Park, the CEO of Fitbit, has announced at CES 2014 that they will be partnering with Tory Burch for a line of accessories including products like pendants, bracelets, etc.  This in an attempt to expand their market and bring fashion to their line of products.  These products will be coming out in the spring, but pricing has not yet been announced.

Currently, there 5 products with different color variations.

Fitbit Force tracks wireless activity and sleep activity for $129.95.  It comes in black or a dark teal.

Fitbit Force


Fitbit Flex tracks wireless activity and sleep activity for $99.95.  It comes in black, dark teal, bright green, and pink.

Fitbit Flex


Fitbit Zip tracks wireless activity for $59.95.  It comes in blue, white, bright green, pink, and black.

Fitbit Zip


Fitbit One tracks wireless activity and sleep activity for $99.95.  It comes in black or burgundy.

fitbit one


Fitbit Aria is a Wi-Fi Smart Scale for $129.95.  It comes in black or white.

Fitbit Aria


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No GravatarAs a huge Legend of Zelda fan I had to spread word on this awesome Zelda hoodie jacket! This Legend of Zelda inspired hoodie has a duel color scheme of green and black along the entire jacket. Its hood comes with a “widow’s peak” in similar fashion with an assassin’s hood from Assassin’s Creed which is adorned with the famous Triforce Eagle Crest in gold, the crest is also emblazoned on the back of the jacket in a soft black. With the fall season arriving and winter approaching you are going to need something to keep you warm in the impending cold weather. Why not this banging Zelda hoodie to show off your Zelda pride in style?

At first the jacket was only on the UK circuit, only being sold by stores that specialize in video game swag. However HMK has found a seller on ebay that can ship it stateside! The only possible problem is the price point. At the price point of roughly 40 British Pounds and a shipping fee of 12 Pounds you looking at a converted cost of around $85. That’s a pretty penny for a swaggin’ sweater! So if you can drop enough coin to get this bad boy shipped to you, don’t hesitate! I know I didn’t.
lrgscaleZelda Hoody Patch

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No GravatarBethThe Powers that Be at Irrational Games have decided to give Elizabeth a complete head to toe makeover for the Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC and I for one, am very pleased. I had surmised in an earlier article that the artistic style of Elizabeth hinted at film noir femme fatale type of look, and we can certainly see how that silhouette was inspired by that era, but there are still details that keep Elizabeth’s look very 2013.

As a New Yorker, it is an unspoken rule that you are judged first and foremost by your shoes. The smallest details usually speak the largest volumes about you. Elizabeth’s shoes, at first glance, seem like your typical do-goody 1940’s housewife type of shoes. They look like shoes that Ingrid Bergman wore in Casablanca in one of the scenes that she wasn’t important in. But at closer glance, there are slight rhinestone details and ruched leather that scream 2013.

These Adrienne Vittadini Cecilia T-Strap Pumps are just about the right heel height, and though slightly lighter, could absolutely work in a potential Elizabeth cosplay:

For those veterans willing to sacrifice less of a heel for comfort (hey, walking around a convention floor for 10+ hours in heels is HARD – trust me, I know) these flats from Sole Society are great:

We move upwards on Elizabeth to the next detail of her clothing, her stockings. Maybe it’s because the first ever Lingerie Fashion Week has just ended, but in an age when many a girl will wear leggings as pants, stockings are quite an understated glamour. I personally like these Fredericks of Hollywood stockings, though the fishnet is slightly smaller than what Elizabeth seems to be wearing. In actuality, it actually looks like Elizabeth is wearing two pairs of stockings, one pair of sheer stockings with backseam and then fishnet stockings over those. But that, of course, is open to interpretation 😉,default,pd.html?cgid=co60&sz=40&all1=all

The skirt Elizabeth wears is slightly more of a challenge. It’s clearly a knee-length skirt, but also very has a very high waist. I’ve found as a general rule, modern high waisted skirts are generally shorter in length, and like to hang around my thighs. However, I’m very excited that she’s wearing a high waisted skirt in the first place, which makes this cosplay very accessible for “curvier” girls (I am one of those too!). This ASOS Bengaline skirt seems like the best viable option, as it’s also a piece one could transition from cosplay to outfit: . Another option could be every girl’s favourite store, Forever 21’s  Rib Panel Skirt

Elizabeth’s belt, is very tiny, and seems to only be visible from her direct front. There are no ornamentations or other detailing on the belt other than the gold clasp itself. Though the details on this belt are slightly different, this J. Crew Snakeskin Round Buckle belt is beautiful and would look excellent.

The details on Elizabeth’s shirt, such as the cuffs, collar, bird pendant and ribbon will probably have to be lovingly crafted, these Lucky Brand Jeans Brooke Chambray Shirts are a great jumpoff point once the pockets are removed (or kept if you so desire!)

Elizabeth’s makeup, is “dramatic” by 1940’s standards, which in 2013, seems relatively mild. However, her look is accessible to a range of shades. Her lipstick is a bold, seductive red and is easily my favourite part of her face, because it is a *massive* change from the previous instalment of almost-nude lipstick we’re used to seeing her in. Stila Cosmetics offers a great liquid lipstick at a reasonable price; their shade Firey is perfect for matching Elizabeth’s lip colour, and could even double as a great date-night lipstick! (Or if you’re more like me, that lipstick is also great for getting groceries.)

The rest of Elizabeth’s makeup consists of a dark brown eye shadow, well-defined eyes, strong eyebrows and a very powdered face with a light blush, which still keeps her look accessible and easily replicable in case you accidentally decide to sleep in on day 2 of a convention because you were jumping in a lake at 5 am (Hey, it happened once!)  Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion is a solid black eyeliner that will keep your eyeliner solid all day.

For powder and blush, it is slightly harder to give advice over a medium such as the Internet due to variance in every different person’s skin colour, but I personally really love Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder, which can work on a range of skin colours.

These are just mere suggestions. The true beauty of cosplay, however, is that the interpretation of Elizabeth or any other character is completely up to the person who’s portraying the character. The important thing is to have fun and be confident in your ability! Have fun with this one, cosplayers. I know I will 🙂

No GravatarE3 is here people! We here at Real Otaku are gearing up to cover the conference and bring you all the news we can. To get ready, here are a few trailers. First up is the official trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins. We are hoping to learn a lot more at E3 and even though it is just a cinematic trailer, it is still setting a good tone for the Batman series we all know and love.


Next on deck is a game that is near and dear to my heart. Remastered and looking gorgeous, is Ducktales Remastered. This short trailer shows of the Amazon level of the game, narrated by your trusty eye in the sky, Launch Pad


Up next we have the Saints Row 4. I personally loved Saints Row the Third and the 4th installment looks to be even crazier and more over the top (which I didn’t think was possible).


And lastly we have Thief, the reboot of the Thief series. Coming to next gen consoles and PC


And there you have it folks, 4 trailers of some up coming games. Stay tuned and come back to Real Otaku for your E3 coverage.