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No GravatarDo you like girls? Do you like girls in bikinis playing beach volleyball? Do you like watching Dead or Alive girls in bikinis playing beach volleyball and and booty bumping each-other atop water floats? Then you’re probably familiar with Dead or Alive Xtreme already and will be happy to know that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is in the works by Koei Tecmo.


Koei Tecmo released early game-play footage DOA Xtreme 3 and you’ll be glad to know that the Butt Battle is back from Xtreme 2.


Is this hype for DOA Xtreme 3?  Well, turn it down about 2 notches buddy… as DOA Xtreme 3 is a Japan Only release at the moment. Though Yosuke Hayashi (Head of the Koei Tecmo development studio Team Ninja) did specify if there’s a high enough demand, they would have no problem bringing DOA Xtreme 3 to the West. Koei Tecmo also spoke of 2 Collectors Edition sets that will released when the game launches next year for the PS Vita and the PS4. The Venus Collectors Edition (Vita) and Fortune Collectors Edition (PS4) will include Xtreme Sexy Costume DLC which contains 9 swimsuits, a set of Playing Cards showcasing all the DOA girls in provocative poses as well as a Photo Book that provides the same kind of content. You’ll also receive a very “busty” mouse pad that will feature Marie Rose in the Fortune Edition and Honoka in the Venus Edtion.

DOA Xtreme 3 is set to release in Japan on February 25, 2016, and we need to do whatever we can to get Koei Tecmo to bring DOA Xtreme 3 to the states so that we too can enjoy DOA for what it truly represents…

Those Bouncy Physics Baby! :-)

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No GravatarBandaii Namco Entertainment Europe recently announced that in partnership with ESL Arena, The Tekken 7 World Arcade Championship Europe Qualifiers will be held at Paris Game Week. 16 Iron Fist Combatants (5 Top European Players selected by ESL & 7 players who qualified from different Tekken Tournaments within Europe) will compete to decide who amongst the elite will be the 3 best Iron Fist Combatants to be flown out to Japan and have a chance to compete in the Tekken 7 King of Iron Fist World Tournament in December.

With 12 slots already taken, 4 more slots are awaiting fellow Iron Fist Combatants who feel they have what it takes to compete with the best of the best in Tekken 7. All who truly feel they have what it takes will need to prove themselves against like-minded competition at the ESL Arena on Oct. 28th during Paris Game Week. Advance through the competition and earn your spot to be 1 of 16 competing in the World Arcade Championship EU Qualifiers. The World Arcade Championship EU Qaulifers will be held on Oct. 29th.

Prizes & Perks – 1 Round Trip (From a country of European Union) + accommodation (1 night in Paris, France) + 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) + participation in a live tournament.

The Tournament will played using Madcatz FightSticks only on Tekken 7 Arcade Cabinets (sorry pad players.) Also, if you’re not able to make it out to the event, the tournament WILL be live streamed from ESL Arena’s Twitch so be sure to follow them asap so that you don’t miss any of the action, as this weill definitely be a very intense tournament with high level play demonstrated from high level players putting everything on the line to become the Ultimate Iron Fist Champion


No GravatarFallout 4 stole the show at Bethesda’s E3 conference by demonstrating amazing open-world gameplay with a classic-style Fallout feel and a crazy amount of weapon customizations.

Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Studios, exclaimed that, “In the world of entertainment, there are a very few things as good as Fallout.”  And perhaps, he is right.


He noted that Bethesda has started working on the game for many years when the team started designing for Fallout 4 right after the third installment came out in 2009.  The team at Bethesda has been working on it vigorously for the last four years.

“It all starts with an obsession for detail,” Howard noted.  He was indeed right because the preview that was given for Fallout 4 was indeed full of specific details.

First of all, there is a new concentration on the world that existed before Fallout.  This included a very retro 1950s-feel.  Though this is pushed throughout the previous Fallout games, it is interesting to see how things were before the bombs.


Howard also showed a new way to create a character.  Think “Sims 4” because it is all about drag and sculpt.  Gone are the tedious sliders.  Instead, a player just needs to click and sculpt each part.  Players can play as either male or female, and the character’s baby will actually generate based off of how the parents look.  One also has a large choice of baby names as well for the child because Bethesda recorded thousands of the most popular names with the voice actors.


The basic plot of the game is that the character goes into Vault 111 right before the bombs and awakens as the sole survivor of the vault 200 years later.  The setting is confirmed for the Boston area.

The focus of the game is still “go anywhere, do anything” player freedom with the most ambitious map done by Bethesda to date.  Players can play either in first person or 3rd person.  They even get a German Shepherd that can be commanded to do things by pointing and telling.  The V.A.T.S. system is back as well, and so is the Pip Boy, which has gotten a bit of an overhaul.  There’s even mini games in the Pip Boy to play.


Die-hard Fallout fans will be delighted to know that they can get their own Pip Boy that works with a smart phone with the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition.  There will be an app that can be downloaded which will make the device look like a real Pip Boy screen.

“As far as stupid gimmicks goes, this is the best f***ing one that I have ever seen,” Howard quipped about the real-life Pip Boy.

The Pip Boy Edition will retail at $119.99 and the Pip Boy app will be for iOS and Android.

Fallout 4 will also feature a completely optional the Sims-style building tool that will allow players to build houses and settlements.  Players will be able to scrap items in the world to build whatever they want in real time.  The emphasis is on making the game into a complete experience and doing what a player wants to do.  Players will be able to build generators for power and defense items such as turrets to protect against raiders.  Brahmin cattle can even be run between settlements.


The game’s crafting system carries over to other parts of the game with an extensive weapon-building system.  Thousands of items can be modified.  There are fifty base weapons and seven hundred modifications that can be made to them.  Armor can also be modified.

Fallout 4 comes out November 11, 2015 and will be available for PC, XBox One, and PlayStation 4.



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No GravatarE3: Bethesda Softworks announced the first-ever Elder Scrolls-inspired card game: The Elder Scrolls Legends.  It is a free-to-play game that will be coming out later in the year for PC and iPad.


According to Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks, The Elder Scrolls Legends is “…a strategy card game that builds on the rich legacy of Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online and brings the world of Elder Scrolls to a completely new genre.”

There are not many details about the game at this time, but I will be posting more when it is available.


No GravatarE3: Dishonored 2 is in the works for some time in the distant future, but for now, fans can look forward to playing Dishonored: Definitive Edition for XBox One and PlayStation 4 this fall.

Co-Creative Directors for Arkane Studios, Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio, gave fans a gorgeous sneak peak at Dishonored 2.  Just like the original, gamers will play as an assassin with supernatural powers.  The first-person game play will feature stealth tactics and a steampunk feel, complete with mechanical enemies and interesting weapons.


This time, however, the player can choose to play either as Corvo or Emily.  Each character will have his or her own unique set of powers and weapons.  The player can choose to play with weapons drawn or go the entire game without killing anyone through stealth.

There is no release date, but the game is set to come out on PC, XBox One, and Playstation 4.

Meanwhile, while people are waiting, Smith and Colantonio announced Dishonored: Definitive Edition.  It will contain all of the original game and content that has come out for the game as well as be graphically enhanced for this current generation of consoles.  It will be available for the XBox One and PS4 this fall.

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No GravatarAt Bethesda’s press conference for E3, it was announced that sign-ups are going on now for the Battlecry beta.  They are now accepting world-wide sign ups at


According to Lucas Davis, Design Director at Brattlecry Studios, “Battlecry is an online action game with team-based combat and intense tactical warfare.”  The team-based action includes four classes: brawler, enforcer, infiltrator, and ranger.

“Sign up before June 18, and you’ll receive priority beta access as well as a special in-game reward,” Davis said.


No GravatarYesterday Nintendo announced a plethora of DLC for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. It’s a bit of a shame that most of the big “surprises” announced were already leaked days before but still, Nintendo finally made it official and released it for download. Get your thumbs, and your wallet, ready for three new characters, three new stages, and a bunch of costumes for your Mii fighters.


Lucas, an Earthbound character that was announced with the Mewtwo announcement, was released. But joining him are veteran fighter Roy from Fire Emblem and newcomer Ryu from the Street Fighter series. Ryu is an interesting addition, for the first time in Smash history, the control scheme is different. Of course you can play Ryu like you would any other Smash character, but you can also play closer to how he’s controlled in Street Fighter. You can hit B to execute a Hadouken or input quarter-circle up+A for a stronger Hadouken. By tapping a button you can do a light attack or by holding down the button you can perform a stronger heavier attack. This adds a lot of strategy to think about when using or playing against the character. Ryu is also the first and only character, as of now, to have TWO Final Smash attacks; a ranged attack or, if performed right next to an opponent, a heavy melee attack.

Along with the new characters comes a few new stages. The first one being the classic Dream Land (64) from the original Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64. Second, accompanying Ryu is his stage Sazuka Castle. And lastly we get the MiiVerse stage which is free but exclusive to there Wii U platform. Each stage provides its own unique setup and comes with an Omega version for the purist.  And lastly, open up the closet because you can purchase a lot of costumes for your Mii Fighters. Some of the outfits include Heihachi from Tekken, Akira from Virtual fighter, Meganman.EXE just to name a few.


There you have it, a decent release for DLC to satisfy your Smash Bros. needs. Roy and Lucas each run $3.99 for either either Wii U or 3DS or $4.99 for both and Ryu plus his stage run $5.99 for each or $6.99 for both. You can get the Dream Land stage for $1.99 each or $2.99 for both systems and the Mii Fighter costumes run $0.75 for each system or $1.15 for both systems. You can also get the costumes in a bundle for $6.00 for each system or $9.20 for both. Happy Smashing!!!

Here is the full Nintendo video of all the content released.

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No GravatarLos Angeles: Touted as “a new digital platform” by Pete Hines, Bethesda Softworks’ VP of PR and Marketing, was highlighted as the go-to place for fans.

The website will power features like Doom SnapMap, which was focused on earlier in the E3 press conference.  It already supports The Elder Scrolls Online.

“It will be the heart of all of our games going forward,” said Hines.

Bethesda fans will find forums, game talk, exclusive videos, articles, and access to games and new features on the website.



No GravatarLos Angeles: It was a given that Doom 4 would be showcased at Bethesda’s E3 press conference.  What was not expected was the splash the game made with a fast, almost retro game play feel and a new in-game modding ability that may just revolutionize the way first-person shooters are played.

Marty Stratton, Executive Producer  for id Software, addressed a large crowd for E3 on Doom 4, revealing game play elements for both single player and multiplayer.  One common theme was a return to the feel or the original Doom games.

“…Doom is a special part of each of our individual gaming histories, both personally and professionally.  That’s why from the beginning of this project, we’ve been inspired by the way those original Doom games made us feel when we played them,” Stratton said.


Game play footage showed not only gorgeous graphics by a slew of other gaming elements that paid homage to the original Doom games.  The feel was industrial but emphasized fast moving, dodging, and shooting.  Small “classic Doom” puzzles were noted as well with a feature on tracking back what had happened to a dead worker to find his hand in order to open a door.  Some of the sound effects were from the original games, including the infamous door opening sound.  Classic Doom weapons were also seen during the preview, including the signature double barrel shotgun and the chainsaw.


According to Stratton, “…the foundation of any Doom experience–past or present–is unquestionably combat.  It’s centered around three things: badass demons, big effin’ (sic) guns, and…moving really, really fast.”

There were also some new game play elements to the preview.  It appears that players will be able to double jump to places as well as climb.  Vertical space is emphasized.  The part that the E3 audience really cheered for was the new Mortal Combat-style melee moves, which features demon heads splitting open.

The multiplayer looked to have a similar style with “…fast-paced, arena-style combat.”  Multiplayer modes that Stratton revealed included Domination, Freeze-tag, and Clan arena.  The game footage appeared as if gamers will play as marine versus demons.

The crowning achievement for the press conference was the introduction to in-game modding, a new focus in gaming that may revolutionize that way multiplayer first-person shooters are played.


Stratton introduced modding for the masses: any player, regardless of programming skill, can create their own level.  Now, anyone with an idea can share with their friends or community.

“What if every player, regardless of platform or past experience had the ability to build and instantly share their own creations?”  Stratton asked.  “What if the possibilities were only limited by your imagination?”

The Doom SnapMap is basically a quick, custom modding, easy-to-use, in-game tool that allows any player to snap together customized maps.  Not only can players create custom maps, but they can actually edit the game’s logic to create truly customized game play modes.

This new trend of modding may be a truly revolutionary idea that will change how multiplayer is handled with first-person shooters.

Doom 4 will come out for XBox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in Spring 2016.

The only thing missing from the preview?  There was not one completely dark area shown, which means no duct tape mods necessary for this game!


No GravatarAfter the Fallout 4 trailer came out today, there has been an enormous amount of excitement about the game.  During careful review of the newly released trailer of the game, it does indeed appear that the game will be set in Boston, Massachusetts.

According to historical fiction author, Sophie Turner, the image of the ship with rocket boosters on it does appear to be the USS Constitution, which typically has docked in Boston in the past.  Also, an image of the Bunker Hill monument, the Paul Revere statue, and the Old North Church are visible as well.


A screenshot of what appears to be the USS Constitution with retro rockets on it


This monument of Paul Revere has a Steam Punk-type dirigible in the background.

The Bunker Hill monument looks to be dilapidated from nuclear war.

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