Chibi-Pa Sampler III: Otaku Paradise

I will never forget about Chibi Pa Sampler III for two reasons, I held my first panel ever at this convention and it was my first mini con.

However, there’s other things one just can’t overlook. The concerts were performed by people with much talent I hope to hear more from. I’m not a big fan of rap but Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew’s humorous raps had me entertained and laughing. They were also very good at interacting with the audience, something I’d like to see more often with live performances. Chii Sakurabi’s Japanese pop performance had the crowd go wild. Her dance moves fit her and everyone just found her adorable. Overall both performers were of high quality even if the con was small.

There was also a well furbished and varied selling floor. The vendors were all friendly and cooperative and I hope to see them again. In addition to that, the same room had a good Pachinko machines and tables set up for people to relax and play cards and board games. Chibi-Pa also has something unique, a manga swap, where one can trade their old mangas and animes for new ones other attendees donate, you can also sell if extra cash is needed. The video game room impressed me. They had well known games such as Left 4 Dead and Super Smash Bros. in addition to lesser known ones and Dance Dance Revolution, which I think is great game in terms of entertainment value watching your awkward friends have a go at it. All the panels held were amazing, and showed much love among all the otakus that were attending. My panel went along quite well considering the links I wanted to show couldn’t be shown due to Internet problems and I had 30 minutes left to kill after my Powerpoint presentation was done. Which brings me to the lovely attendees. Everyone was just wonderful and hilarious. People in the con are also very open to interactions, which makes it possible to interact with others and make new friends. Many attendees were also cosplaying, and glad to have their photos taken. This made the costume contest very varied and interesting. The staff were also incredible, and I’m very glad to be able to cooperate with them. All in all, Chibi-Pa Sampler III was something special, and I hope they have Chibi-Pa Sampler IV next year. Not to mention, I’m sure Chibi-Pa: Future, might be even better!

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  1. Prussia says:

    OH HEY. Man, this was such an awesome event~

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