Dance to the Beat- Inside My Radio Review (Wii U)




This is one of the more unusual games I have come across, not that that is a bad thing. Inside My Radio is a journey inside a beatbox to bring back the music that has gone away. Strange premise aside, I found myself liking what I saw.

The visuals are excellent and really give off a great techno vibe while also not being too strong for people with visual stimulus issues. The game is colorful when it needs to be and the obstacles are never obscured like it could have been with other games of this genre. I really had a lot of fun just watching the game’s visuals as I progressed and I never got tired of them.

The music is top notch, which makes sense as this is a rhythm platformer set in a radio. The game could have taken the easy route and put in the minimum effort but they went all out and put in great sounds to create a very appealing soundtrack for this game. I have to compliment them on this.

Now for the gameplay. The game is a rhythm platformer as I mentioned above and you need to time your movements to the beats and, while this may seem hard, the game gives you the option to see on screen when the beat will happen so you can follow the instructions. If you feel this makes it too easy then you can turn this off but I felt this was a great touch. To be perfectly honest, on the night I was first playing this game for this review I happened to be under a lot of stress and this game actually helped relax me and calm me down. That may seem strange but its true and it just made the game seem better in my eyes.


All things considered, I have to say this is a great game. I recommend this to anyone who wants to try a rhythm platformer or just a new indie game altogether.


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