DoDonPachi comes to Windows Phone 7


Rejoice shmup fans!!! CAVE Interactive has just announced their latest release, “DoDonPachi MAXIMUM”, an exclusive title for Windows Phone 7, will be available for download on March 7!

CAVE has already released ports of some of their popular shoot’em ups on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. This will be their first release for Windows Phone 7 and it is an exclusive title.

This new entry in the long running “DoDonPachi” series appears to be just as manic as it’s predecessors! It is a “Danmaku” (bullet hell) for a reason.

The game has you test piloting a new ship developed by EVAC (From CAVE’s 2003 shooter “Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi”). Each mission has you dodging entire screens full of bullets and enemies. Ships and enemies from CAVE’s past titles such as “DoDonPachi BLISSFUL DEATH (Dai Ou Jou)” and “DoDonPachi RESURRECTION (Dai-Fukkatsu)” will make an appearance.

This game will cater to all gamer levels. If you’re a novice at these types of games, the game difficulty will adjust to your playing skill. If you’re a pro, then watch as the game throws even more bullets and enemies your way!

Composer, WaSi303, provides the music for “DDP MAXIMUM” and will feature remixed tracks from “DDP BLISSFUL DEATH (Dai Ou Jou)” and “DDP RESURRECTION (Dai-Fukkatsu)”.

The game will be available on March 7 for $4.99 on the Xbox Live Marketplace for Windows Phone.

Check out the teaser trailer and some screenshots below and be sure to go to CAVE’s official website for even more info on the game!

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