E3 2012 News: Playstation Plus Gets 12 BlockBuster Titles in June
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If you or someone you know hasn’t bought into Playstation Plus since it released two years ago, and still are not sure about buying a subscription, you should get one ASAP. Jack Trenton, Sony’s Senior Vice President at SCEA, has announced that starting tomorrow ps plus members will receive Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2 and Saints Row 2 for the low low price of….free, along with 9 other titles that will rotated throughout the coming weeks. These were three big sequels for their respective series. Playstation Plus has made up for PSN faults in features in relation to XBLA, with games and other content. They have been offering beta’s (such as Ghost Recon: Future Solider) early demo’s, games(Trine 2,Shank 2, Awesomenauts, SFIITHDRemix) PS minis, PSone classics, and other items free of charge, or at a discounted price; as well the Ultimate deals (i.e Complete Editions for games such as Read Dead Redemption, COD Black Ops, and More).
This picture is from last month Playstation Plus release calendar.

If this doesn’t push you to get into PS plus, then nothing will. The full PlayStation Store update, launching tomorrow, will give you more details on this as well as the other deals, promotions, and releases. As well as the full list of games for this ultimate deal.
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Here is the full list and all will be available TODAY

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  1. AlexBernhardt says:

    Nice one Jeezy, I’m actually pretty curious to see how you feel this will affect the Network landscape of the future. Both the PSN and other networks.

  2. Bjamer says:

    Great blog! This article has me heading to the PS3 to start downloading!

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