Enslaved: Odyssey to The West Demo Impressions
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No GravatarEnslaved: Odyssey to the West is a new IP from the team at Ninja Theory, the creators of Heavenly Sword. The game is set 150 years in a post-apocalyptic future, where the environment has taken over the earth. With very few humans left, the robots and machines have enslaved to humans in order to do their bidding.

The demo starts with the slave ship flying through the sky. You are the protagonist Monkey, a man whose main attribute is the brute strength. Monkey, while in his slave pod, notices another slave named Trip escaping and getting off the ship. After an explosion and escaping from his pod, he goes in search of his weapons. while doing so the plane starts to fall apart and you have to climb and platform your way around the interior and exterior of this ship. And as you progress through the demo you learn that the two characters will end up needing each other during this adventure.

The graphics in Enslaved are very well done and are in the style we have all come to know and love from Ninja Theory. The gameplay is crisp and enjoyable. The melee attack system seems to flow seamlessly. The gameplay is reminiscent of other adventure games this generation but Enslaved offers and experience that seems refreshing somehow. Everything about this title seem fresh and the demo doesn’t feel to have been rushed at all. I thoroughly enjoyed this demo and I can’t wait to get my hands on the game when it releases this October.

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  1. OtakuDanteNo Gravatar says:

    It looks sweet! A friend of mine from Ireland suggested that I buy it, that it was really good. It’s definitely going on my games to get list … which is probably a mile long by now ^.^

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