Fat Princess or PVP as a Spectator Sport

No GravatarI don’t love PvP (or Player vs. Player).  I am, in fact, a reluctant PvP player, only doing such things as killing other players when I am forced to or they do something so phenomenally stupid that I can’t in good conscience allow them to live.  I do, however, enjoy watching PvP.  There’s something inherently amusing about watching someone dismember, blow up, shoot, or otherwise slaughter another toon on TV, and that’s where Fat Princess comes in.

Like most females associating with a gamer male or two, I’ve watched more than a little PvP.  I’ve seen deaths at the behest of Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, and most fighting games available on the big three platforms.  I’ve watched PvP at the arcade (back when there were arcades around locally).  In all of those years, never have I seen something so hysterically funny to watch as Fat Princess.

The game’s graphics are unashamedly cartoon like. That’s part of what makes the whole thing so much fun.  In addition to that, the narrator’s voice is absolutely amazing.  Add in a soundtrack that encourages the frenetic pace, and this game is simply full of win!

The object of the game, simply put, is to kidnap the other team’s princess while feeding yours incredible amounts of cake, thus rendering her too fat to carry.  I’d feel kinda bad about feeding her, but when she’s small she’s so cute “More cakie please!”  in a sweet little voice, and as she gets large she’s thundering out “MORE CAKE!”  Obviously she doesn’t have a problem with being fed into obesity, and in fact, one might get the idea that she enjoys being kidnapped, much like Galahad in the Castle Anthrax during Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  (But I don’t want to be rescued!)

For additional fun, Fat Princess:  A Fistful of Cake is available on the PSP.  It does have a campaign mode, which explains how the legend of the Fat Princess came to be.  I hope you don’t miss out on this one, it’s inexpensive and all I did watching Andrew play it was laugh hysterically.   Just when I thought it couldn’t get any funnier, the xpac came out, and I was watching giants squash people and pirates and call down cannonball barrages.  I am assured that blood’s okay if it’s just cartoon blood….

PlayStation Network is back up, and soon PlayStation Store will be. Once that happens, fire up the oven, do a little baking, and try out Fat Princess.  As soon as you can.

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  1. San_AndreasNo Gravatar says:

    I think this is my favorite downloadable title ever made. It’s fun in the way old arcade games are fun – people plunking down a few quarters and jumping in. The game lends itself well to that. You don’t feel intimidated your first time like you do with many of the more “hardcore” FPSs.

  2. This is definitely a great team based game with many different classes that all have essential roles. I always have fun playing it and after owning the PS3 version was the first game I purchased after getting my PSP. The one draw back to the PS3 version is joining friends in game often puts you on the oppisite team, and even when the option is available to switch teams, it doesn’t always let you. It’s the one feature most of my friends would like to see added.

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