Five Gaming Franchises That Deserve a Reboot
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There are some games that should not be allowed to die. They Must Live!!!

Here is a list of games and franchises that deserve to be brought back.

These days, there are a lot of game franchises that are getting reboots and/or re-envisions. Game developers and publishers understand that people will buy a game if it is something that they have enjoyed in the past, especially if they grew up playing a specific game. This is why were are now starting to see more and more game franchises get revived from the vaults of gaming’s past, and be brought to a new generation of gamers that will experience them for the first time. But are all the games getting rebooted deserve to be so? Aren’t there other games that have been long lost to the sands of time that need to be brought back into the spotlight again? I believe so, and I think it’s about time someone put them out there for everybody to see. Here is a list of five games/franchises that game developers need to give the reboot they so thoroughly deserve.


Back in the awesome days of the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, there was another guys hanging along side Sonic and the gang, that guy was Vectorman. He was a robot hero made up of spheres who transported cargo across different parts of the galaxy, taking on all sorts of enemies armed with his proton gun hands and transformation abilities. It was a blast to see all the different kinds of things Vectorman can transform into in all of the levels across the two games he stared in. From drills and helicopters, to fish and rolling time bombs, Vectorman was able to blow up enemy robots in all sorts of different ways. The boss fights in both games all had different crazy and weird variety to them, forcing players to come up with different ways to take them down. There was a ton of cool stuff going on here, and it’s a shame that the planned reboot for this franchise never too off the ground. This is a hero that should have never been forgotten.


The N64 was populated with all sorts of great shooters, some of which set up a few of today’s popular FPS games. But besides Turok, Goldeneye, and Duke Nukem being present on the platform, there were a couple under the radar titles that were just as good if not better. Forsaken was an FPS that centered around mercenary death matches that took place in space. The game itself allowed players to pilot different machines and race around different locations, such as ships and carriers, taking out their competition. The game itself allowed players to float and move around in full 3D at a fast pace, and also gave players a huge arsenal of sci-fi weapons to hunt others with. This was a very multiplayer heavy game, even though there was a single player campaign that allowed for obtaining various unlockables and cheats. A reboot of such a game would be a blast to play online with friends and/or foes, and make for some crazy game night stories to tell everyone. Take a look below.



In the 16-bit days, there were many RPG’s that had turn based combat systems that were accompanied by epic story-telling. There were few games that attempted a real time battle system because of the success of games like Final Fantasy. Beyond Oasis was a fantasy story where the overall story telling was as epic and colorful as a Final Fantasy  game, but with the fighting mechanics of a “beat-em-up” game. The battles took place in real time, with much more feed back to the player then other RPGs that came beforehand. There were dungeons to explore and weapons/items to discover in a world with inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda. This was a fun RPG epic that was released once and never brought back again after the Genesis-era. A full 3D reboot with similar, if not expanded classic elements, would be a great addition to the current generation library of games. This series was created by the great video game composer Yuzo Koshiro.


Many consider this game to be one of the best N64 games released during its time. It was a fun third person action game that contained collection elements from some of the great plat formers of the time, such as Super Mario and Banjo Kazooie. Aside from the great single player campaign with a great and easy to follow story, Jet Force Gemini also had a fun and robust multiplayer mode for up to four players. There was something fun back then about getting together with three friends and shooting it out in any sort of deathmatch mode, only adding to the mix was the ability for each player to use a separate skin of any of the many characters found in the game. Many people have held this game close to their hearts alongside other FPS greats like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, as that this was one of the few games that could possibly go toe-to-toe with them back then. If a reboot for this game is done, it would be an injustice not to include online multiplayer. The single player campaign was great in it’s own right, and can be expanded upon and improved for current-gen consoles.



It is no secret to anyone that Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat dominated the arcade scenes back in the 16-bit days. There were hardly any 2D fighters that could compete with them in home consoles as well. But because of that, there was a huge deficit in variety for fighting games released in that time, as that everyone wanted to do what Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat did best. Eternal Champions was one of the few fighters that got just enough unique style to make it stand out from the rest. With a whole cast of interesting characters that oozed with personality, as well as the venues each fighter battled on, Eternal Champions was a great fighting game for the Sega Genesis and Megadrive. However, it never got a sequel following it’s release. With all the classic fighters getting reboots and revisions, it would be nice to see a fighter that does not have a Capcom or WB logo on it get some spot light. The game itself was very hard to play, maybe harder then Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, but it’s style and presentation in the many moves and kill blows just had to be loved by all who played it.



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  1. revrock says:

    “Beyond Oasis” had a sequel on the Sega Saturn called “Legend of Oasis.”

    • otakuman5000 says:

      Yeah we know. He was talking about rebooting the franchises on current hardware. Thanks for the support.

  2. revrock says:

    and “Eternal Champions” had a sequel on Sega CD

  3. San_Andreas says:

    Retro Studios could probably do any of these franchises justice. They did a great job with Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

  4. berty gerty says:

    ETERNAL CHAMPIONS WAS TERRIBLE, I remember getting it as a kid for my birthday and hating everything about it. horrible aesthetic. really bad game.

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