Go Figures Friday!
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No GravatarWelcome to the third installment of Go Figures Friday. By the way folks, sorry for the delay last week but now let’s get to it!

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute PVC Trading Figures

Box and figurefive figures and secret

Trading figures makes me want to claw my eyes out because of the guessing games that come with them, but despite that, other collectors and I will collect them anyway. From the show My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute comes a set of 6 figurines with 5 known characters and a secret 6th figure. I don’t know the show (but I will soon!) so I can’t provide a listing of them, but the illustration above should help you. All my research on what the mystery figure is has led me to dead ends, but my senses tell me it will be Kyosuke. If you decide to collect them, only one site sells them (Play-Asia) I hope you get the mystery figure at the first try.

Makers: Banpresto  Price: $6.90

Touhou Project Non Scale PVC Figures Hakurei Reimu and Kirisame Marisa


For fans of the Touhou Project these figures might be lovely, but they don’t do much other than sit there. But that’s okay, because it’s weird most figures are always standing up. I absolutely love how perfectly executed the deformation is done and the overall cuteness. If you plan to buy both, save up, because one is quite pricey.

Makers: Penguin Parade  Average online price: $58.90

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere P-01s 1/8 Scale Figure

Last figure but definitely not least.

full view


Yep, guys will definitely love this one.

Just look at the hair.  It’s like she was captured violently turning around. And her detached emotionless expression is perfect for her character.

Maker: Wave Corporation  Average online price: $154.90

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