Go Figures Friday! Cartoon Network Edition
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I’ve showcased many, many anime figures, which is a good thing, but there are many other fandoms with some pretty awesome figures out there. With great pleasure I introduce to you….

Regular Show 2 Inch Action Figure Collector Pack 

Love it or hate it, it’s undeniable Regular Show has a thriving fan community and a name for themselves. So when I found out a six figure pack with all the main characters was coming out as a Toys”R”Us exclusive, it’s needless to say I was psyched.


Unfortunately, the one thing that’s disappointing is the paint job, and this is a picture from their official Facebook page. They also seem somewhat misshapen, but I guess I can only really judge once I see the real thing.

Maker: JazWares, Inc  Online price: $22.50

Adventure Time Deluxe Packs

These sexy “deluxe” packs come with four 2 inch figures for your enjoyment. There are three I’ve found that I think are pretty cool.

Candy People,

Cany People line

Fiona and Cake,


Fiona, Cake, Marshall Lee, and Prince Gumball figures

and Undead people, that glow in the dark!

Zombie Adventure Time characters

Because you know, Adventure time has its macabre moments too.

Because they’re four figure packs, bundled together they cost less than the usual two figure packs, and how they each seem to have their own theme makes them perfect for display together.

Maker: JazWares, Inc  Average online price: $21.73

Ultra Detail Legend of Zelda Figures

Had to post about some pretty awesome Legend of Zelda figures featuring link I saw scanning the Internet. You have your original Link and cartoon Link from “The Wind Waker” that will make great decorations for your video game shelf.

My favorite is the original Link, he really does have an amazing old fashioned vibe to him. They’re about 6 cm each and a tad expensive in my opinion, but a must have for any Legend of Zelda fan.

Maker: Medicom Toys  Average online price: $18.00

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