Google’s Serenade to Nintendo Fans
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Google, as the wonderfully innovative company it is, has gone back in time to an era where everything was much simpler and grainier. The introduction of the Quest option in Google maps creates an 8 bit map of our world with a rather uncanny resemblance.

Unknown by many people, Tokyo is actually a giant castle.

As you can see, Google Maps new creation has all the options of a regular google map with a twist reminiscent of the NES era. You can get directions, zoom in, zoom out, and even use street view. An 8 bit street view of course!

Here’s an 8 bit view of Mizucon’s new convention center!

The parking lot and convention center, hidden among the trees.

Then one of Chibi-Pa’s new location!

It looks even better inside!

And since I’m classy, the Eiffel tower.

Simply beautiful.

So take a moment to explore and enjoy Quest,  you might just be pleasantly surprised.


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