Happy New Year! Resolutions The Average Otaku Can Stick To.

With a new year in full swing, it’s time for us to step back and assess our faults and weaknesses, as well as how we can improve ourselves. However, if you’re making the same old resolutions year after year and nothing’s changing maybe it’s time to make some new resolutions. So instead of promising to lose weight or get a boyfriend/girlfriend (again), it’s time for some REAL change. Here are my recommendations.


1. Watch an anime a day: By that I mean watch an episode everyday. The busy person needs a chance to relax, and a 30 minute break is a good way to recharge and get back into action. Plus, if you have more free time or nothing to do, instead of wasting time scrolling through Facebook you can do something you actually enjoy. Plus most of the time, it’s FREE! Funimation and Anime Network have YouTube channels you can watch entire seasons of anime from, with sub and dub options and sometimes high definition. And if there’s something you can’t find, some libraries have many anime options.


Those are just the DVDs that make up an entire season. And all the ones available are nothing compared to legal anime on Youtube.


2. Read a manga per week: Don’t forget about manga! Read a manga in your free time or before going to bed. Surprisingly, some libraries have a wide selection of manga, mostly really popular manga but also some lesser known but nonetheless great manga. Or pay homage to the culture and buy some for yourself.


3. A change of clothes: By that I mean if you’ve worn the same shirts for more than three years, it’s time to buy some new ones. With Internet shopping and after Christmas sales it’s easy to overload on pop culture and video game shirts without breaking the bank.


HA! Obscure references.


4. Redo your room: Buy posters of your fave anime characters. Get some shelves to display those figurines. Arrange your video game collection and get those clothes off the floor. And maybe let some natural light in before you forget natural light exists.

I would post a picture of my real room, but I don't want to traumatize innocent people.


5. Go to a real life nerdy event once a month: You only live once, so make this the year you begin truly breaking out of your shell. By going somewhere where people like you are gathered, you open yourself up to new encounters. Plus you have fun! When I began participating in the nerd scene, I realized how much I was missing out on, and I wanted to tell everyone I knew they had to get out there. So get out there and attend conventions, Nerdcore concerts, zombie walks, collectibles shows, the possibilities are endless! Look for events on social media, check out events other nerdy friends talk about, check out the Animecon website to look for cons, Google for events, whatever you do just do it. This might just become the best promise you’ve ever made to yourself, but you won’t know until you’ve tried it.


The joys of living. I'm in there, somewhere.


Happy New Year everyone! I truly hope the next year is your best and following also, on behalf of everyone here at Real Otaku Gamer.






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