Heavy Rain; A Step in the Right Direction
By Nesteph On 24 Jul, 2010 At 04:10 PM | Categorized As Editorials, Featured | With 0 Comments

Heavy Rain for the PS3 is the best example for which way things in the gaming industry are heading. The tense interactivity and incredible story requiring the player to push the story one way or the other, are prime example of where companies should be heading. This is the ideal future for this industry considering how much fluff that doesn’t even utilize every aspect of the PS3’s capability are out there. Metal Gear Solid 4 shows what can be done when pushing the machine to it’s limits just as Heavy Rain shows what can be done when controls mean something and mistakes don’t mean you just back up and try the jump again. In heavy rain mistakes can cost you your life and the story will just keep going.

The bar has been raised but will the industry try to exceed it? It looks like the answer is no, but I do not wish to prejudge but I have yet to see the next “wow” game. Notice I didn’t say i saw nothing good just not anything that makes me stare like a 5 year old at Disney World. We shall see what the future holds and if the designers can get the studios to release something with more effect that random game part 6.

[youtube JKPPdgBK3r8]

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