Hot Rod Racer Review (Wii U)
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hot rod

Simple games tend to be not so fun for me. I will play them and nine times out of ten, I will get bored and feel like I wasted my time. I was prepared to feel that same feeling when I started playing Hot Rod Racer, but to my surprise I instead felt something else. I felt myself having fun and enjoying the game and I did not think that possible. On the surface it seems a generic title that should be boring and terrible but instead I found it to be fun and addictive. Oh sure there are issues, like the weird crashing and freezing that happened when I started playing. I encountered that a few times but as I continued to play the game, I stopped experiencing it as much and eventually it became rare.

Ostensibly this is a racing game with a 2D overhead track but in truth there are elements of multiple different genres present. This game takes cues from Shoot em Ups, from demolition games, from arcade racers and more. It is a mix of styles done incredibly well by ZenFa productions and creates an experience that demands attention. The replay value is there, the fun factor is there and the gameplay is tight.

I also need to mention the music. It is fantastic in this game and really feels great for a racing game. It takes me back to the music of the classic 16 bit console racing games with all their fun tunes. Small things like that might not be a selling point for others, but it helps sell me on the game. The music does a great job of bringing the player into the gameplay as well as setting the mood. So good job to the developers on that!

Do I think you should buy this game? Yes, since aside from some glitches, which I mentioned already and are hopefully going to be worked on, the game is great. You will not regret this experience.

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