How To Accurately Rule 63 Your Favorite Male Character
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No GravatarHello, this is for all the newbie Internet artists who want to begin drawing Rule 63, but don’t know how to. Don’t worry, I here have a comprehensive set of guidelines that’ll turn you into a 63 pro in no time.

1. Make sure your female version has the character’s eye and hair color: That’s all you need to do. There’s no need to worry about creating a visage with a likeness to that of the male counterpart as long as you have these two covered.

Rule 63 Spongebob

Spongebob doesn’t have hair but this might just work. 

2. Keep them young: Who wants to see your 60 year old male character’s 60 year old female version? No one. So make sure they look like they’re teenagers or in their thirties at most.

Rule 63 Ganon

3. Give them big boobs: This is the best way to show they’re females and not males. Guys don’t have boobs.

4. Regardless of the male’s body make sure they’re always skinny: Because girls can’t be fat you know. You also can’t have those boobs mistaken for those found on fat guys.

Bad Rule 63 Mario

5. Give them skimpy outfits: It doesn’t matter if the male is wearing something covering him from neck to toes and in their universe they always wear armor to not get shot/stabbed/sliced/etc, you need to show it’s a female by giving her a tiny outfit.

Luffy Soro and Sanji as Rule 63

Obviously this is a joke article. If you’re offended by this good, that means I touched upon the sad truth about most rule 63 drawings. If you really want to draw a female version, have the decency to at least make them resemble like the male. Everyone likes sexy, but when my searches come up with over 90% stuff I wouldn’t show my mom it’s time to cool off. Either way may you all have a good day, and inspire to be original!

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