Indie Vision: Aurora Movie Review
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From Untext Film Productions comes an amazing 34 minute short film called Aurora.  I saw it first advertised on a website in the body of a post, got interested, and went to see.  The result had me bolted to my seat for the length of the film waiting on the next thing to happen.  My main complaint:  It’s too dang short.  I can see so many possibilities for this film, but if leaving you wanting more is a hallmark of success this short simply blows a lot of stuff out of the water.  Unabashedly Steampunk, it really looks like it was made in a different world despite the epic panoramic views of the places it was made which can be found using Google earth.  The film uses natural beauty, costuming, and modern technology weaving them seamlessly together in a way that has to be seen to be believed. 

Critically, the storyline could be considered a bit simplistic, but for the length of the film it fits perfectly.  Good Vs. Evil never gets old, and I was ready to cheer at the end.  It’s almost impossible to believe that the entire budget for this film was $1800.  The actors are intense, and their acting rivals big-screen heroes of today.

The filmmaker states:  “We’re HUGE Star Wars fans but have also drawn inspiration from a number of sources like Firefly, Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean to create something we hope is fun and original.”

Well, it is.  You’ve succeeded!  I can hardly wait to see the next film you guys come up with, because this one hit hard and came on swinging.  Indie film-making is a tough market, but I really hope you guys submit this to all the right contests and win big.  You deserve a shot at the big time.

“After his wife Alina (Nikki Gaertner-Eaton) is kidnapped by a group of slave traders and put up for sale to the highest bidder, Emerson Marks (Peter Rossi), captain of the airship ‘Aurora’ flies out in search of her. With his crew’s opinions divided and the ruthless slave trader LeMaher (Mark Aitchison) in his way, Emerson must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice in order to bring back the one he loves.”

The full video is available free online at

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