It’s Too Cold To Go It Alone! Here, Take This!
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No GravatarAs a huge Legend of Zelda fan I had to spread word on this awesome Zelda hoodie jacket! This Legend of Zelda inspired hoodie has a duel color scheme of green and black along the entire jacket. Its hood comes with a “widow’s peak” in similar fashion with an assassin’s hood from Assassin’s Creed which is adorned with the famous Triforce Eagle Crest in gold, the crest is also emblazoned on the back of the jacket in a soft black. With the fall season arriving and winter approaching you are going to need something to keep you warm in the impending cold weather. Why not this banging Zelda hoodie to show off your Zelda pride in style?

At first the jacket was only on the UK circuit, only being sold by stores that specialize in video game swag. However HMK has found a seller on ebay that can ship it stateside! The only possible problem is the price point. At the price point of roughly 40 British Pounds and a shipping fee of 12 Pounds you looking at a converted cost of around $85. That’s a pretty penny for a swaggin’ sweater! So if you can drop enough coin to get this bad boy shipped to you, don’t hesitate! I know I didn’t.
lrgscaleZelda Hoody Patch

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