Mafia 2 – Jimmy’s Vendetta Review
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Mafia 2 is a great game with excellent graphics and great game play mechanics, for a full review click here. This review is about the DLC titled Jimmy’s Vendetta.

Jimmy’s Vendetta begins with the player who now assumes the role of Jimmy breaking out of prison and taking revenge on all the people that helped put him there by sabotaging or killing groups of people he believes are responsible. These missions are found by markers on a map and when you walk over them you get a little bit of info about the mission on a stylish background. These missions range from car grabbing to killing a bunch of people. It is not until later on in the game that the missions get a little more elaborate, fun and actually take you to places you may not have visited in the main game. Many of the locations however reused from the main game and all locations seem to be in the main over world city. There are no places to go like in the main game where you are inside a building, which makes some missions not fun because cops come running and now you are faced with a firefight from the front and back, but the cops will also shoot the bad guys if they happen to come from that direction so it does add a little relief. This is also annoying because there are no checkpoints, you either pass or fail, and some of these firefights get intense. One problem I had with a few missions was that there seemed to be infinite spawn happening until I moved up and even then I had guys spawning behind me that I know I cleared, it only happened in a few missions but was a little annoying.

Each mission has a scoring aspect to it. The game awards points for headshots, destroying cars, exploding bad guys or for driving fast if driving is involved among other things. At the end of the mission there is a ranking assigned starting from D as the worst and S as the best (D>C>B>A>S) and matches you up on an online leaderboard per mission and overall against others in the world. This does give those hardcore Mafia 2 players a reason to keep playing their favorite missions over and over for virtual bragging rights.

Overall this DLC is not something I would recommend to anyone but the hardcore Mafia 2 players or for those looking to waste some time in Empire Bay while having something to do because this is essentially run around missions. In a game like Grand Theft Auto this would be all those little side quests that some people love and others don’t care for. What really lacked in this DLC though was the dialogue that made Mafia 2 so great, for the few hours this game fulfills there is only two and Jimmy barely says anything, the most dialogue I got was when driving fast. So if you like fetch missions and just looking to kill some time then pick it up, otherwise skip it, you are not missing much or just buy it when it’s on sale like I did.

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