Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review
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No GravatarIt has been more then 10 years since Capcom and Marvel came together for a battle of a new age of super heroes. The last time these two giant company’s duked it out on our game consoles, the shock-waves were so big, many gamers to this day still play competitively throughout the world. There are even those who still say Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (MvC2) is the premiere Versus Fighting Game of the generation. Nobody had ever thought that what these two giants did could ever be accomplished again anytime soon. Yet even with all the licensing and programming challenges, Marvel and Capcom come together to electrify us once again.


Sentinel Blasting Away


Enter the new addition to Capcom’s Versus series of fighters, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. A bold new Versus fighting game that keeps the traditional 2D spirit of MvC2 while amplifying the visuals with  an awesome looking 3D comic style. Everything that fighting game fans want is here, from the cool characters, awesome backgrounds, all the way to the sleek music tracks. Capcom really wanted to bring all the stops out on this epic game that was 10 years in the making.


The Gangs All Here


Most of the characters we know and love from the previous Versus game are here and present. With them, they bring their iconic and signature moves, along with some new tricks never before seen. Along the way, we will even meet some newcomers to the series such as Dante, Trish, Deadpool, Zero, Jean Grey, and more. Every character plays differently, having their own arsenal of launchers, Supers, and epic signature moves. Fans will really get a kick out of trying out the entire roster of characters in battle both on and  offline.
The presentation of MvC3 is incredible, the graphics have a cool looking comic flare to them, and the characters feel just right on screen. The music sets the overall mood of fights, taking iconic tracks from some of Capcom’s popular franchises, and even mixing up some original tracks for the Marvel crew. All the music feels fresh and can at times give a huge throwback to past versus games (Take You For a Ride). Everything that felt like classic Versus is here and accounted for longtime fans.


Some New Faces Enter Ring


The game play is rock solid. Although most longtime competitors of MvC2 and more can feel a sense of easy difficulty, there is plenty of depth to the every one of the fighters on the roster. Most combos are fast and fierce, with the ability to do major damage on many characters even without the use of the new mechanic X-Factor. This new addition to the fighting will allow players to increase the damage output of combos and moves, while also stopping massive “chip damage” thrown at them from their opponents. The X-Factor can increase in duration and strength as more of you team members of eliminated from the battle, making for some great comeback moments.


Phoenix Arrives This Time Around


There is a Mission Mode that allows new players and veterans alike to learn and practice moves and combos. It is available for all characters, including downloadable characters, and can be a great asset for those trying to get into competitive play. There is also the classic Arcade Mode, which has a great final battle against the World Devourer, Galactus. Upon completing the arcade mode, players will be greeted to a special, and sometimes funny, epilogue for some of the characters on their team. There is an ending for each one of the characters on the roster, each giving a different outcome to the events of MvC3.




One of the biggest things Versus games are known for is the multiplayer. This time, online multiplayer is available for everyone to take their teams online and battle against the world. There are some problems though with the online component. There will be times that matches will be plagued by lag, mostly due to the connections between players, however there does need to be some work done on the servers for this game. Also in the mix, there is no option to view matches in progress when in a public room. With games like Super Street Fighter 4, MvC2, and HD Remix sporting this feature, it is a shame that a game 10 years in the making could not do the same. If Capcom were to maintenance some of these issues, MvC3 would have been a perfect game for both on and offline play.




Even with it’s issues, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is an awesome game that still delivers all the epicness from 10 years ago. The already awesome roster of fighters will only get better and larger with the inclusion of future downloadable characters in the nearby future. Capcom tried to bring out everything they had on a game many fans around the world have been waiting for all these years. And even though they came up a little short, the still delivered a great fighter for all players to enjoy. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is a great ride taken indeed.


Absolutely Viewtiful







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