Microsoft Pushing The S Series?
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No GravatarIn the season where most people are looking for the best deals on gaming, look no further than Microsoft! (Yawn!) We reported about the Holiday Bundles last week and there seems to be a push to get more Xbox 360’s into homes. They have taken their subscription based service to the extreme with the newest Xbox 360 systems they launched in August 2010. Microsoft is  now offer a 250 GB system for $99 and a 250 GB system with Kinect for $149 along with the 4GB model with Kinect for $99. The kicker for all these deals is provided you sign a two year commitment with XBox Live at the price of $15 a month. (Why not offer a cheaper plan because you basically lock in a contract you idiots!!) It’s going to be interesting if this is a sign that Microsoft will try to release a newer update to the system by this time next year as this is on the heels of a announcement about the 2012 Holiday price cuts.

Source: The Verge


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