MIZUCON 2011 Picture Gallery PART 1

No GravatarThis past weekend, the ROG staff and myself got to go to Mizucon 2011 and check out all the cool things present there. What occurred was a truly EPIC festival of Anime goodness. A place where fans of anime from all over Florida, and even some far away places around the US, came together to celebrate their beloved hobbies and media. There were so many great and awesome people there, as well as so many cool looking and ambitious costumes worn by many of the con’s attendees.


But check it out for yourself. Check out our main gallery of pictures from the showroom floor of Mizucon 2011. The Anime Mecca of Miami.



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  1. ElizombieNo Gravatar says:

    Aw, my picture was taken but it wasn’t put up. It was at the dealer room…I was dressed as Catwoman with the shiny leathery outfit. Are these all the pics or will more be posted up? Anyway…that was a great day!

  2. pikachuNo Gravatar says:

    i dont see me :C with ash

  3. DeadpoolNo Gravatar says:

    Where am I! Sad Deadpool is sad v.v

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