My Little Pony: Attack of the Bronies!
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This Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the opening night of the My Little Pony Project 2012 LA charitable art exhibit at the Toy Art Gallery. The exhibit is inspired, of course, by Hasbro’s My Little Pony.

The My Little Pony Project 2012 is a year long GLOBAL celebration in honor of the theme “Friendship is Magic”. Artists from LA, NYC and Tokyo all had a hand in creating one-of-a-kind ponies to raise money for charity.

The opening night included the project charity ponies, 18″ MY LITTLE PONY figures designed by international fine artists, and a pop-up shop by WeLoveFine.

Toy Art Gallery also joined forces with JapanLA, Joyrich and Munky King, and to host a pony treasure hunt, which, I sadly, did not get to in time to participate in.

It may shock anyone unfamiliar with the new My Little Pony culture that has sprung up, but the line to get in started hours before the gallery opened and, by the time I left Toy Art Gallery to head for JapanLA, was stretched around the end of the block. So many men and women came together to celebrate, from guys in punk rock gear and all black ensembles to delicate ladies costumed as unicorns to bemused mothers toting around sons and daughters.

the line started half a block earlier and wrapped around the block!

Even Perez Hilton got in on the magic… in his… special way.

In all the event was a very eye-opening experience for me. So many different people could relate with the super-simple pony themes: friendship, magic and art. Who is a brony? Who is a pegasister? Who is the real pony otaku? The answer is much less stereotypical than you might think!

(ps there is a SarahTheRebel spotting around 2:27 and again around 4:14)

The event was done very well and kudos to the team who coordinated it. There were free cakeballs (as many as you could eat!) a free bar (with sodas for the kids) and an awesome DJ. Overall I was just very impressed. Not many events have the amount of positive energy this one had. But I guess that’s just all that magical friendship floating around!

I’m excited to see how much money this actually raises for charity.

Check out the full artist list and the photo gallery below!

Featured artists:

64 Colors
Ana Bagayan
Angry Woebots
Blamo (Mikie Graham)
Blythe (Junie Moon)
Indie *on view at Munky King.
Jillian Kate
Julie West
Lisa Alisa
Luke Chueh
Madoka Kinoshita
Martin Hsu
Mark Mothersbaugh
Miss Kika
Onch Movement
Perez Hilton
Shojono Tomo
Sket One
Spank! *on view at JapanLA.


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