New Primal Carnage Footage Released
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New Primal Carnage footage has surfaced of the Pyro and Carno gameplay. The video highlights some of the more action packed segments that will be encountered in the game. Primal Carnage is the first game to come out of Lukewarm Media, and is set to release within the coming months. A beta for the game is well on it’s way to making it out the door.

Some of the information on both the Carno and Pyro are as follows.


The Pyromaniac deserves his name, and if his custom-built Flamesaw isn’t proof enough, then his role on the mercenary team is. The Flamethrower part of his weapon is effective for keeping dinosaurs at bay, but with its limited range he has to wait until they get close to begin with. Then there’s the Chainsaw part, and that needs to get in even closer. When ranged destruction is called for, the Pyromaniac does carry around a few grenades for such a purpose. Despite his seemingly reckless nature, his teammates will often rely on him for protection from worse creatures.

The Pyromaniac’s flames are ideal for roasting or driving back smaller dinosaurs, but when it comes to the T-Rex he has to decide if he really wants to get up that close.


Flamethrower:  This gasoline powered Flamethrower delivers intense flames over a fairly short distance. The fire will make short work of anything caught within it, enough to make any dinosaur reconsider a frontal approach.

Grenade:  When burning or cutting isn’t an option, and a bit of range is needed, pull the pin and give the Grenade a toss. The explosion is impressive, but only a few of these can be carried at a time.

Chainsaw: This secondary part of the Flame saw weapon is a gas-guzzling machine, and the most deadly melee weapon in the mercenary team’s arsenal.

Carnotaurus is the lurking menace of the dinosaur team, and any mercenary foolish enough to drop their guard is ripe pickings for this speedy predator. While lacking the size of the rex, Carnotaurus makes up for its smaller stature with incredible speed and brute force, breaking up crowds with his powerful charge and sharp horns. While the Carno can run all over the battle field, his flanks are vulnerable, giving the mercenaries a window of opportunity against this bruiser.


Headbutt:With two tons of hunger behind its pointed horns, a head butt from a Carno sends even the bravest merc flying.

Bite: The Carno uses his hatchet-like maw to inflict deep wounds into its unfortunate prey. While not extremely powerful, this slashing menace is best avoided

Trust me when I say this, the Carno is a million times more fun to play than he is to watch. Given I work on this title, I am anticipating it with bated breath, and cannot wait to see it once it goes live. But let us know what you think in the comment section bellow. To see more information on the game, and the upcoming beta, head on over to the Primal Carnage website.

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