News for Mass Effect 4 and Omega DLC
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BioWare has confirmed that the new hero for Mass Effect 4 will not be “Shepard 2″. The company is in the beginning planning phases, but they confirm that they are not falling into the trap of just creating a new version of Shepard.

I’m VERY curious how they will avoid this, since any human soldier is going to be compared to Shepard. They mention that you will not be a “soldier saving the galaxy” but I’m not really sure the games will still be compelling otherwise. Escapist apparently shares my concern, but thinks it might be a good thing for the series. I do worry, especially with the increasingly combat focused tone of the previous three games, that a new game will be VERY unpopular if we aren’t running around shooting things in the face.

One possible solution is to feature an alien as the protagonist. People responded well to the Asari and (as much as it hurts me that this will probably be a determining factor) they are the most human-like of the aliens.

BioWare also has a wealth of other conflicts to choose from, from the Rachni Wars to the Krogan Rebellion to the First Contact War. The ME universe may have 99 problems, but lacking war ain’t one.

Oh, speaking of playing as an Asari, guess who you will join in the upcoming Omega expansion? That’s right, BioWare has more than fulfilled your need for Aria: it is letting you play with Aria. Added bonus: you will be accompanied by a female Turian NPC…. wait for it…. SQUUUUUEEEEEEE!

Combine that with the fact that BioWare has stated that the DLC is the biggest expansion in the series to date and you have a very happy Rebel. It’s almost like BioWare read my mind, and then decided to reward me for my undying loyalty. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME. Omega lands November 27th

Anyhoo it gives me a lot to think of as I wait to dive in to Operation Bloodlust over the weekend.

What do you think the new hero or setting will be like?

I hope it’s like this.

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