OTGT— Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake and 3DS Launch

No GravatarIt’s time for Only the Goddamn Truth. Time for the most epic man in video games to bring in the truth and news about the video game industry.


This time there is some big BIG news, as well as some impressions on a newly launched handheld. On this double hitting  episodes, I talk about the news about a Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake on the PSP2.

And don’t forget to check out the impressions and thoughts on the 3DS midnight launch and day 1 issues.


Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake



3DS Launch



Stay tuned for more info and more OTGT videos here on Real Otaku Gamer.

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  1. 1337No Gravatar says:

    Who cares about 7? Remake 9.

  2. GoatyNo Gravatar says:

    It’s about time. Why of all platforms the PSP though? I guess you might be able to run it on the PS3 if they ever get that PSP to PS3 homebrew working damnit.

  3. CharlesNo Gravatar says:

    A remake of 7 would be VERY welcome, but I second the nomination for a 9 remake.

  4. San_AndreasNo Gravatar says:

    Bring on Final Fantasy VII. No matter what platform it’s on, I’ll play it.

  5. SmoochieFoofNo Gravatar says:

    Screw Sony and their crappy NGP. FF VII would be far better on the Nintendo 3DS. Tifa’s assets in 3D! 😉

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