Infinite Crisis Game Announced
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One of the hottest games available at the moment is League of Legends. It’s fan base is at an international level and has millions of people logging onto their computers to play it everyday. So understandably, there will be several companies looking to ride the coat tails of their success. This brings us to Infinite Crisis.


Infinite Crisis is an upcoming Free To Play MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) game from Turbine and WB Games. The realm of this game features characters from the DC Universe. It appears that you will be able to play as your favorite superheroes and villains from several different worlds or earths per-say. The main story aspect is straight from the series known as Crisis on Infinite Earths. This give players the opportunity to interact with your favorites such as Batman, Superman and The Flash. Battle/team up with characters that are similar but different depending on which earth they come from.

If you seem to be remotely interested, luckily they are holding a closed beta which you can sign-up for by going to Once there, just register to gain access to the beta. Based on lotto, players will be randomly selected to participate in the beta. The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2013, so be patient and get excited.


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