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Yesterday, January 1, 2014, Mike Krahulik aka Gabriel or Gabe from Penny Arcade wrote a blog about his resolutions for 2014.  Amid the controversies of 2013, Penny Arcade will be distancing itself from PAX.

In his blog, Gabe goes into more detail about his own issues and realizing how those issues are impacting others, Penny Arcade, and the PAX conventions.  As a recap of some of the problems Penny Arcade and Gabe have sparked over the course of 2013 there was the comic strip making light of rape, tweets from Gabe that were transphobic-esque, and a chronological lack of remorse regarding the effect of these comments until now.

In many ways, I believe this is a good move as I’ve heard movements of boycotting the conventions due to the actions of an individual, which would be a shame.  As I have only attended PAX East, I can only speak on my experiences with that convention.  It is a wonderful convention and an amazing experience for all gamers alike. It is the best convention of the conventions I have attended.

I wish nothing but the best for Gabe and his endeavors.

The blog written by Gabe can be accessed at and if you want to learn more about PAX go to

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