Retro-Bit Generations Console To Feature Capcom and More
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The following press release was sent out yesterday morning.

Revisit the Classics Like Never Before
with Retro-Bit® Generations

Pomona, CA (July 28, 2016) – This past
June, Innex
Inc®., an exclusive distributor of  Retro-Bit®
unveiled the brand’s newest product at the 2016 E3 Expo –  Retro-Bit
Generations, a plug and play console loaded with more than 100
classic retro games estimated to be available in the Fall of 2016 for

Unlike the previous Retro-Bit consoles,
which ran and read gaming cartridges, Retro-Bit collaborated with
world-renowned gaming developers like Capcom,
Data EastTM, Jaleco
LTD., IREM and more to provide a full-fledged
roster of titles easily recognized and admired by the retro-gaming
community such as, Ghosts’N Goblins™, Gun.Smoke™, Kid Niki Radical
Ninja, Kung-Fu, Captain Commando™, Kickle Cubicle, Rival Turf, Super
R-Type, The Super Bases Loaded Series, Knights of the Round, Brawl
Brothers, Ring King and more!

Along with a catalog of popular gaming
titles, the Retro-Bit Generations is accompanied with two USB
retro-style six button controllers and designed with a sleek
user-friendly interface and AV and HDMI ports.  The console also
includes an SD card slot allowing users to save or transfer archived
game progress to other consoles.

“Retro-Bit has been known to make products
for the hardcore retro gaming crowd, and we are thrilled that Retro-Bit
created a product that is aimed at a wider audience. We believe that the
Retro-Bit Generations is a fantastic introduction for beginners into the
world of retro gaming, however, it includes a lot of titles that
resonate with experienced gamers.” Said Ron Pang, Vice President of
Sales and Marketing for Innex Inc.

With the success of Retro-Bit’s previous
consoles (Super Retro-Trio® and the Retro-Duo®),
which operates on gaming cartridges, the Retro-Bit Generations opens
retro gaming to new patrons of all ages.  Retro-Bit continues to
make great strides to bridge the gap of between gamers past and present.

* MSRP (Tax not included) – Subject to
change without notice

“Innex Inc” is a registered trademark of
Innex Incorporated.

“Retro-Bit” is a registered trademark of
Retro-bit. “Retro-Bit Generations,” “Super Retro-Trio” and “Retro-Duo”
is a trademark of the same company.

Ghosts’N Goblins, Gun.Smoke, and Captain
Commando are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Capcom Co.,
Ltd., in the U.S. or other countries.

“Data East” is a registered trademark of
the Data East Corporation.

“IREM” is a member of the IREM

Jaleco LTD., is a limited liability

About Innex

Since 2004, Innex was founded on the
principles of innovation, fun and a commitment to customer
service.  While initially established as a distributor of videogame
peripherals, Innex has grown to include videogame-related toys, gifts,
mobile and audio accessories.  With a decade of operation, Innex
has become an award-winning leader in global distribution, providing its
business partners with various services, which include but are not
limited to, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing and design.
Resources in North America and Asia ensure that Innex has a logistical
and shipping expertise to deliver its products and services on time and
under budget.


Since 2007, Retro-Bit® has been
at the forefront of the retro gaming world, introducing innovative and
exciting platforms to re-experience a classic gaming era. Continuing
with that tradition, Retro-Bit aims to bring all the great aspects of
old school gaming to the modern gamer, specializing in manufacturing
third party accessories for all of your favorite Retro gaming consoles.
With systems and hardware to support the NES®,
SNES®, and Genesis® entertainment system,
Retro-bit brings the classics to real time.


My thoughts: This is a really cool plug n play console and I for one am definitely interested. The games look good and hopefully the system will be good as well

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