Review – Chroma Blast (WiiU)
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No Gravatarchroma-blast


Indie shoot em ups come in all forms. They all want a hook to bring in the players and to be unique. This is a lot easier said than done however and many shoot em ups try things that just do not work in the end.

Chroma Blast is both an arcade style shooter and a reflex game. You must blast oncoming objects but they need to be of the correct colour.  You can only fire certain colours out of certain directions and wrong hits can bounce back. Getting hit by an object causes you to lose a colour for a while, until you can find a powerup to restore yourself back to normal. That is a quick overview of the game.

I can appreciate what WizByte Games was trying to do in order to stand out but I do not believe it worked out for the best. It isn’t that the game is hard, but rather that it combines different genres in a way that does not quite mix well. Its not a puzzle game but it is also not a proper shoot em up and as such it feels almost like an incomplete version of both just thrown together and called a game.

The game is not terrible but it was also not fun for me. The identity crisis the game has really works against it and I do not think it will be something a lot of gamers would be willing to try. WizByte Games also made another shoot em up that is available on the Wii U called Vector Assault and I think that one is more worth your time to look at. It is a genuinely fun game as I plan to review it in the near future.  It is a more traditional fast paced shoot em up and is fun to play. Chroma Blast on the other hand, is just too bizarre for me.

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