Review – Dual Core (WiiU)
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dual core

Oh Twin Stick Shooters, one of my true loves in gaming. The genre has given us so many classic games and when I first heard of Dual Core. I was excited. I mean a Twin Stick co-op shooter with a story mode and an arcade mode? That just sounded perfect to me. So how did it stack up?

Dual Core makes excellent use of the Wii U gamepad for inventory mapping. If you pick up health packs or sub-weapons, you can use them by accessing them on the gamepad screen. This is a phenomenal way of handling sub-weapons and other items as in some twin stick shooters, the accidental use of bombs and other items is a problem always getting in the way because of hitting the wrong button. It is also extremely convenient to use  and makes the gameplay much more streamlined. The remaining buttons can then be used for attacking with the guns in different ways. This is a really neat idea and I love how it was done.

But how is the gameplay? Well to put it in one word: Fun. This is a great Twin Stick co-op game ( although it can be played solo as well) and a blast to play. The different weapons and upgrades that you pick up really help keep things fresh and the gameplay varied. Story mode is a great experience to play by yourself or with friends, but there is also an arcade mode. Arcade mode plays just like what it sounds like, a classic arcade style of playing a twin stick shooter. Its fun and a great way to spend some time if you want mindless fun ( thought some strategy is required)

The biggest fault I have with this game is that the audio is not the best. Its okay but just doesn’t feel right for this type of game.  It feels lacking in many respects and could have been better.

Overall though, Dual Core is a great Twin Stick shooter on Wii U and I highly recommend it. Gray Fin Studios did a great job with this one!


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