Review – Enslaved : Odyssey to the West
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Enslaved is the first game by Ninja Theory that has not been backed by a large company, and was first available in the US on October 5th, 2010. The game is an action platformer that focuses on the journey of a man named Monkey and his recently self-appointed master, Trip. Monkey is awakened in the beginning of the game on a slave ship after being captured. Monkey escapes from the ship moments before a catastrophic crash. He again wakes up to find he has been enslaved via a headband by Trip, the other central character. Trip makes her motives clear right from the start, she needs monkey in order to make it back to her home as there are dangerous Mechs waiting around every turn. Trip makes up for her inability to fight with her hacking skills and a handy scanning dragonfly (which Monkey catches for her).

The game play is a combination of action, platforming, shooting, and puzzle solving. None of the aspects of the game play are very challenging  so go ahead and start the game on hard. You can get away with constantly tapping the action button and holding the analog stick forward in most of the platforming parts. Every ledge and grip hold are shiny, so there is no need to think about where to go. They do a good job of making it look like you have options, even though there is a set path that your character is allowed to go in. The controls could have been tightened up, and sometimes it feels like the game doesn’t recognize what you are pressing on the controller. Enslaved has a few puzzles in it, although they are quite easy to figure out. Graphically, the characters are amazing to look at. The cut scenes are gorgeous, and the motion capture is really well done. In contrast to the characters, the background and some textures are blotchy. They detract from the experience, especially if you have a really good television or projector.

The story and voice acting is where the game truly excels. The character interaction is believable and voice acted amazingly well. The voice actor for Monkey is definitely the shining star of the cast. Trip and her dragonfly will get on your nerves, as she announces her scans almost every 10-15 minutes for most of the game. As you would expect, she orders you around quite a bit, so a lot of the dialogue that you hear on a regular basis is her telling you what to do. If you are one that doesn’t like to be bossed around, this game may not be for you. The story is based on an old Chinese tale, Journey to the West, Ninja Theory has taken this and turned it into a really interesting game experience.

Enslaved has an upgrade system, where you can choose how you want your character to be built. There are four areas that you upgrade, and the upgrades are acquired by gaining tech points. Tech points are orange globes that are scattered throughout the levels. Replay of this game is medium to low, as there is only the main quest to do. There are collectible masks to find, and the orbs you missed on the first go around. There is DLC on the way, so that may make you want to pop the disc back in.

All and all, Enslaved:Odyssey to the West is a decent game. It may not be worth $60, but may be a good choice for around $40. The game length is around 12-14 hours, depending on skill and difficulty. The characters are memorable, and the story is great. So, if you don’t mind a few game play and texture problems, go and pick it up!


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