Review: Igear PP01E Evil Leader
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Transformers, Gundam’s and Macross Valkyries are my favorite mecha. I’ve been collecting these for over 20 years and even have 90% of all my childhood bots still in my possesion. I don’t collect for profit but purely for ownership. There are not many MISB Transformers in my collection. I just love transforming them and can gaze at them for hours, just to find a new more awesome pose to display it in. I’ve never had any bootleg or unofficial toys though. The main reason was sinple, they usually sucked really bad! Igear however has changed the game. Does their Evil Leader pack the same punch as Hasbro/ Takara’s Optimus Prime?

If you own an original Hasbro/ Takara Masterpiece Optimus Prime, transforming this purple bot won’t be a problem at all. The transformation is exactly the same and pretty straightforward. It’s nice to see that Igear used quality parts and plastic that insure proper alignment of parts.  The only thing I noticed is that  Igear’s Evil Leader feels kind of lightweight but that was expected.. (Hasbro/ Takara versions have diecast metal parts so this is obvious) There were times during the transformation that I was afraid I might break something but luckily nothing happened.

The color scheme on Evil Leader is actually really good. It is based on the “Shattered Glass” version of Optimus Prime.  In the Shattered Glass universe our beloved Autobot Leader is actually an evil maniac. Paint applications are done neatly on my version.  Evil Leaders torso/ cab is colored in a nice purple tone that really compliments the darker blue of his legs and the bright green lights on the torso/ cab. Gold accents are painted on his head, groin and weapon and really finish the overall look. It is pretty refreshing to see a non red/white/blue version of Masterpiece Optimus Prime.

This toy has great articulation. Numerous dynamic poses are possible and because of the lighter weight it actually stands better than the Hasbro/ Takara versions. When you open de box you will notice that Evil Leader is  much smaller then the original version. It’s actually the same size as the  Masterpiece Seeker mold and looks better next to your other Masterpiece bots/ cons or even your classics/ henkei transformers if you ask me. (My Masterpiece Convoy: Black Edition actually dwarfs most of my other transformers.) Another great thing about this toy are his hands. They hold the different weapons really well even though the fingers are not individually jointed. (Sorry guys, no obscene hand gestures for this Evil Leader!) The ratchet joints in the legs and hips feel really strong and work excellent. It’s also possible to pivot his torso for even more dynamic poses. The arms feel a bit flimsy though, I feel one of the included weapons  is to heavy for his elbow joint. Nevertheless it’s a beautiful display piece.

Igear’s Evil Leader comes packed with an energon axe, a gold colored megatron pistol, two rifle’s, the matrix of leadership and two extra heads. (The cartoon version of Optimus Prime’s head and a Megatron head) The built in communicators in his arms show images of Arcee and the original Optimus Prime, pretty neat if you ask me. I was also very surprised to find a instruction manual in the box. I’ve read stories of people not having instructions included in the box. It seems Igear fixed this for the Evil Leader.




I must admit that Igear did such a great job on Evil Leader that I am seriously thinking about ordering some more of their products. The quality is really good and you don’t have to pay insane amounts of money for MIB or MISB Takara versions of popular Transformers. I really like the color scheme on Evil Leader, it’s vibrant and right up in your face. The toy doesn’t feel cheap, although transforming it needs to be done with a bit more caution than with the original.

Both modes look excellent, I prefer his robot mode though. It looks menacing and can be placed in numerous dynamic poses. The addition of the two extra heads is also a big plus, this toy is packed with great accessoires, gimmicks and even an instruction sheet. I can’t wait to see Igear’s  future projects and would recommend Igear’s Evil Leader to any Transformers collector or fan.






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