Review – SteamWorld Heist (WiiU)
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SteamWorld Dig was one of the most innovative indie games on the Wii U and 3DS, both in terms of game design and interaction with the environment. A successor in the SteamWorld series was all but guaranteed and it comes in the form of SteamWorld Heist, a 2D turn based strategy game with skill based shooting. Is the game any good? Or does it fall flat in its attempts?

I found SteamWorld Heist to be one of the most enjoyable strategy games I have played in a long time. You go on missions, build a crew and level up abilities and receive rankings based on how well you did. There are multiple difficulty settings, which comes in handy for players new to this genre, as well as DLC for new missions and additions for your crew. The DLC is some of the best add on content for any game and really makes the game a lot more fun.

The Wii U version boasts some amazing visuals and graphics. The art really stands out and the character designs shine brightly. The framerate is a smooth 60 fps at all times, with no hiccups which makes everything seem even better. In addition, the music is excellent and gives the game both a low-key and an epic adventure feel at the same time. So as such, I must commend Image & Form for the audio and visual designs in this game. The game even looks great when playing on the gamepad, which stands out to me since many games seem somewhat washed out on the gamepad.

If there is any fault I can find with this game, it is that the game has a difficulty curve and can take quite a while for some players to get into. I do think that if this can be overcome, then players should try it. They just need to be aware that this can be quite the tricky game. It is a great experience though, and I highly recommend it.



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