RIME Rated for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4 in Brazil
By Jonathan Balofsky On 13 Dec, 2016 At 10:28 PM | Categorized As News, News, News, NINTENDO, PC Games, PlayStation, ROG News, Xbox 360/Xbox One | With 0 Comments

No Gravatarrime


RIME was first  arevealed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive but there were repeated delays and change of publisher as Sony dropped the project. It seemed the game might become vaporware and go the way of many games that had potential but didn’t come out, but now that has changed

If this is correct, the game will no longer be a PS4 exclusive as it has been rated in Brazil for the Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. This is a major development and if true, means the game is not only still on track but might be coming very soon.


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