SEGA Is On A Roll!
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No Gravatar2010 has been a good year for SEGA fans! There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding them. With the recent release of Sonic Colors, Sonic 4: Episode 1 and the announcement of more Dreamcast titles coming to PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, SEGA appears to be listening to it’s fans.

After much demand from fans, SEGA announced that they would port their 2006 arcade hit After Burner Climax to Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles. On April 21, 2010 this became a reality. Shortly after that, the first of the Dreamcast titles Sonic Adventure was released. These games have got me excited for SEGA again.

Let’s also not forget two amazing 2010 games Bayonetta and Vanquish developed by the talented roster at Platinum Games! This team is a definite plus to the SEGA family.

I’ve personally been a SEGA fan since the Genesis days. Although I never owned one during it’s heyday, I played the system constantly at my friend’s house. Streets of Rage, Sonic and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker were all required playing during my visits. If you are wanting to relive the Genesis days or even see what you might have missed, I suggest Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Many top titles on one disc!

I jumped on SEGA bandwagon hard when the Saturn was released in 1995 and continue to be a fan to this day. The 2D games were amazing on the Saturn console and is a system I play regularly even today. Their 1st party 3D titles such as NiGHTS and Pazner Dragoon were amazing as well.  With ports of many of their arcade hits such as the Virtua Fighter series and House of the Dead, the Saturn was the go-to system for arcade fans!

Hopefully, we can convince SEGA to port some of their classic Saturn and Arcade games. I’d love to see Burning Rangers, Panzer Dragoon, Daytona and Virtua Cop updated for today’s generation of consoles. You’ve already given us the 2-in-1 pack of Gunblade NY w/ L.A. Machineguns!

With Crazy Taxi just a few days away and Space Channel 5: Part 2 coming soon, SEGA appears to be ending 2010 with a bang. The only thing that can make this SEGA year even better is the announcement of Shenmue III. Come on SEGA! It has been 9 years since Part II was released! We want closure!

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  1. They brought me Bayonetta and I plan on picking up Vanquish at some point! In my opinion SEGA has always delivered the goods despite their hardships. Great read btw!

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