Sequels Only A Spider Can: Spider-man The Edge of Time Announcement
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Last Year, developer Beenox Games (Tony Hawk 2 for DreamCast) dropped the most diverse, challenging and most fun Spider-man game to date with Spider-Man Web of Shadows. That Game featured four Spider-mans, Amazing, Noir, 2099 and Symbiote and all four heroes saved the earth from Mysterio that was using a mysterious relic to change time with the help of villians after it was broken. Madam web gathered the team and got the job done, but this time Spidey 2099 is reach to Peter Park to help him stop his death in his future by working together in their own times leading up to the attack that would kill Peter.

The game’s story is being crafted Peter David
(He’s done a slew of Marvel Movie Adoptions, Novelizations, and Original Novels and is the co-Creator of Spider-man 2099). The games debut Trailer is to be debuted this weekend at Wondercon.

We will have more information on the game as it develops.


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