Steam World Dig 2, Dig into a brand new adventure! – Review
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Steam World Dig 2 is an amazing game and sequel to the the 2013 hit Steam World Dig. Following the first game directly, this game takes place with Rusty’s friend Dorothy coming to find him. In this game Rusty is now seen as a villainous figure, or at least that is what it seems. Jumping right into this game, you  will need to mine downward and discover a solid mining world to explore where you get more tools as you go on, and find greater treasure.

Selling this treasure is important because that is the only way to get more upgrades and perks. Dorothy is a strong little robot and she really can take out enemies rather speedily with her pickax in tow. Picking up other special weapons and items along the way, she will get stronger and stronger. These weapons will certainly, aid in digging deeper and surviving longer in order to gather more money. All the money you accrue is good as you can use it to upgrade all your gear.

Steam World Dig 2 has plenty earth to explore and you never know what you will come across next. With teleporters to get back to the surface, sometimes you have to know when to return. By returning you do also heal up, which is also necessary. There are also bosses in the game which change up the game flow and can actually be quite devastating.Steam World Dig 2 is certainly just a great game and playing it is always fun. The sheer mystery of heading into the earth with just a pickax to start makes for such a great adventure. With new enemies appearing and more expensive jewels appearing the deeper you go, it is always fun heading deeper.

I would highly reccommend this game to anyone who enjoys platformers. This game is filled with platforming and you definitely will get partially stuck at points. I’m usually terrible at platformers but the ability to adjust the world with different tools makes for easier platforming. A cool thing, at least to me is that wall jumping is super easy. This makes returning to higher areas just a bit easier as you can quickly manuever yourself and head upwards.

Steam World Dig 2 is certainly a game not to be missed, with an amazing story and great characters it will keep you entertained. This world is vast and digging through it is always interesting. Dorothy really is a great character and her little fiery friend make for a great pair. Help her find Rusty and enjoy an amazing subterranean world! Steam World Dig 2 is out now on the Nintendo Switch, so get digging!

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