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By Jonathan Balofsky On 21 Jan, 2016 At 02:11 PM | Categorized As Featured, NINTENDO, Reviews, ROG News | With 0 Comments

No Gravatarspace hulk


I am a casual fan of Warhammer 40K…yes we exist, there isn’t just the fanatic fans and the haters. So when a Warhammer 40k game was coming to Wii U, I was intrigued.

Space Hulk is a strategy based game that will excite longtime fans and entice newcomers as well. What do I mean?

The game is a perfect translation to video game form, of the tabletop game with the Space Marines battling aliens. I think of it as having many similarities to other strategy games while still being radically different. Space Hulk has a creepy atmospheric vibe at times that perfectly draws you in while knowing that you are getting an epic adventure. The turn based strategy is some of the best I have played on any system and all the rules and objectives of the tabletop game are handled extremely well.

Visually the game is excellent, with great animation and effects but if I have but one problem its that at times the game can be far too dark. This can actually get distracting at time and make me lose track of what I am supposed to be doing. Still I feel the visuals help capture the imagination one has while playing the tabletop and put it into video game form. I honestly think the renditions of the marines and enemies are absolutely incredible.

In terms of Audio, the game has great sound effects and an excellent soundtrack. It really gets your heart pumping and your mind amped.


All in all, I have to highly recommend this game. its a must for Wii U owners.