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Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile Logo

Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile Logo


The review was based on the IPod 4th Gen, 8 GB device, and results may differ from device to device. Please take this into consideration while reading.

Spending any form of money through a mobile device, one would think that Capcom would put out a premium product. I thought the same way too, while downloading the game that’s been a giant cluster fuck since the first release on the consoles. With a 99 cent price tag, is it still worth it?

The price tag is good for only the offline experience, which alone consists of insane lagging and jagged pixels which are painful to the eyes. When your playing the “Arcade Mode”, it’s simple to see exactly how much health your main character has, but when you look up to see how much red health your back up character has, it’s damn near impossible.  The roster is only 6 deep for both sides, but I find this to be one of the downfalls as I have been spoiled in recent Tekken titles with Asuka Kazama. I understand that as far as mobile devices are they are insanely limited to space, but as a fan service next time up a poll on the Capcom Unity threads, you know just tease us a little bit. As far as the ranked online experience goes it blew so much. Even while sitting right next to the WI-fi router, had to be, hands down, the worst online experience I have ever had console or otherwise.

This is going to be short and sweet, don’t bother with this game, if you want to get it on the consoles.

This game is going to keep me from reviewing other Capcom games, on the IPod for a while, until I get the balls to go spend money again.