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So this week, I have finally caught up on movies. I watched Thor, Priest ( meh), Green lantern (wtf???), and Dylan Dog. Out of all of them, I liked Thor the best and Priest the worst. Dog was a B rate randomity that probably should have just been released to DVD. No wonder so many people gave it a bad review : it is a B movie and should be treated as such and not compared to say Thor. It has humor, bad acting ( which added to the humor), and some good acting as well. I watched it with my actor/husband, who kept getting irritated with Routh and Anita Briem ( I’m sorry, she was bad) but appreciated our character actor obsession Peter Stormare, who played an odd werewolf and Taye Diggs who had a smallish role as a lead vamp.

What made the movie was Marcus, the semi overacted zombie side kick of Dylan Dog who had some perfect one liners to contrast to Routh’s monotone semi sarcastic slant. They actually made a good couple, and had a different actor played the character, it really would have made Routh look worse. In reality, I don’t think he is a terrible actor, but I think the direction wasn’t happening. I haven’t seen Kevin Munroe’s other stuff, but then again the fact that he directed the animated TMNTs irritates me.The sex scene was so random that you could tell both actors had no idea what to do and the director wasn’t giving them any cues. It was like Anita Briem fell on Routh and he just went with it…’oh, I guess she wants some action then…OK!’

What I liked about Dog was that it was different. And not in the Green Lantern different ( that was bad in so many ways…). This was made like a homage to B movie lovers, and I appreciate that and will forgive its flaws. It didn’t really try to modify itself for the masses.

Dog is originally an Italian comic series by Tiziano Sclavi. The series is set in London and not the US. Now that I have seen the movie, it makes me intrigued about the comic version, as it looks like my cup of tea. If you are a giallo lover, you might like them as well. Dark Horse picked it up and released it in English, so if you can’t read Italian, there you go.

All in all, I recommend Dog to fellow Otakus. Sure, you may laugh and even shake your head at times, but hell. Isn’t that what we live for?