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Monster Hunter is already helping Nintendo out, and this is only hours after the game was announced for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s market value has risen by 2.2 billion dollars after the announcement of Monster Hunter XX for Switch. Yes, that number is real. This has resulted in an eight year high for the company, which is a sign of investors going all in on Nintendo and the Switch.  Monster Hunter is a major deal in Japan, and is considered a true killer app for any system. The fact that the Switch is receiving an entry may have caused investors to realize that the momentum of the system is not slowing down anytime soon.


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Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter II launches tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch, but the publisher is not stopping there. Capcom, via the official Monster Hunter twitter account, has revelaed that Monster Hunter XX will receive a Nintendo Switch version


This is a really big deal and the Monster Hunter series was directly responsible for a lot of the success of the 3DS. Hopefully the game finds a big audience on the Switch, although it is almost guaranteed to do so. It is a good move by Capcom and this is the right time to do it.

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A new version of Street Fighter IV has been announced for iOS by Capcom. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition will come to mobile phones later this summer


Champion Edition adds Poison, Ibuki, and Dundley to the roster of characters, bringing the total up to 25. Players can fight against AI or online via Wi-Fi. The game is controlled with a four-button virtual pad on screen, which “allows players to execute moves through multiple key combinations and shortcuts,” according to Capcom. The game will also support external controllers and gamepads.

Champion Edition launches this summer, although Capcom has yet to give a firm release date. There’s no word on a price yet, either, but Street Fighter IV currently costs $4 on the iOS App Store. You can pre-register for news about the release of the game here.

This new version is likely coming to iOS due to updates to the operating system rendering older apps unable to continue being supported. It will likely be around the same price if not a dollar or two more, but all in all, this is just a replacement app really. Still it will hopefully be a good experience for those who choose to play it.

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The newest character for Street Fighter V, and it is Ed, Balrog’s protégé. Ed plays like a mix between Balrog and M. Bison, befitting the nature of the character, and has unique inputs.

From the blog


What makes Ed especially unique is how players perform his special moves. His special moves have simple inputs; they only require simultaneous button presses, repeatedly pressing a button, or holding down a button. Only Ed’s Critical Art is done by inputting a traditional motion.

It definitely looks like Capcom is trying something new with him. See the trailer below.



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Currently. Capcom only has one title announced for Switch so far, Ultra Street Fighter II. However, it seems they have more coming than we realized.

During their investors briefing, Capcom specifically mentioned the Nintendo Switch when it came to multiplatform development, as a console they want to pursue. It is the only system they mentioned by name.  Capcom is working to bring the RE engine to Switch, and they were a big reason for some changes to Switch’s hardware designs. Could we be seeing some new announcements very soon from Capcom?

If nothing else, this should relieve some of the fears people have had about third party support for the platform.


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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 was just  leaked by the Korean ratings board. According to the description,  it will include Mega Man 7, 8 , 9 and 10, and presumably it will have numerous bonus features like the first collection did.

The original game released on 3DS, Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, but this rating only lists PS4, Xbox One and PC, with Nintendo Switch not included. This is strange as Nintendo platforms would be a perfect match for this collection, and it makes no sense not to bring this to the Switch.


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Capcom and Marvel Entertainment have released a lot of new info about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. We have seen the first story trailer, and learned the release date will be Sept 191th. There are already 6 DLC characters planned and multiple character skins. The deluxe edition  was also detailed in the trailer as well.




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Here is some unexpected news. There will be an official event held about Tatsunoko vs Capcom on April 21 in Odaiba Japan. This event will include an “original staff panel” and “best character” poll.

Could the rumors be true about a remaster or a sequel? If so, what console would it come to? Are you interested in a remaster? Or would you want a sequel? We will keep you updated,


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Nintendo and Capcom are continuing their collaborations it seems.

Capcom is bringing Ultra Street Fighter II to the Switch as well all know, but while they are publishing it in Europe, they are not distributing it there. Nintendo will be the party to distribute USFII in that region, which continues their trend of distributing many of Capcom’s games for their systems. Nintendo previously handled the distribution for  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D among others. Hopefully Ultra Street Fighter II will be a success for both companies.

We will have a review of Ultra Street Fighter II shortly after launch.


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No GravatarGame music cover band Moiré Effect has put out a new song that is a Power Ballad version of the Moon Theme from Ducktales on the NES. This song has lyrics as well, and is rather catchy.




Moiré Effect started as a garage rock band in the late ’90s when the guys were in high school. In the last couple years they’ve been revisiting their original songs as well as putting out VGM covers for games including Deus Ex, Chrono Trigger, and Cave Story. You can follow Moiré Effect on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you to Jayson Napolitano for bringing this to our attention.