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No GravatarToday, Nintendo has given club Nintendo members the privilege to get 3 free AR cards from the up and coming Kid Icarus game. These 3 cards feature Grim Reaper, Drill Arm, and apparently a rare one of Palutena. This is what appears to be a promotion for the new Kid Icarus game Nintendo fans have been waiting for. Nintendo has stated every copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising would come with 6 randomly selected AR cards with 20 to collect in total, which is bound to result in a collector’s frenzy. There are more opportunities to get these additional AR cards. Gamestop is going to be having game-play sessions on April 14 where every participant will get 5 AR cards with Eggplant Wizard, Skyscraper Club, Fireworks Cannon, Minos and the Fiend’s Cauldron. In addition to this Game Informer and @Gamer will have more AR cards in their April issues. As a nice addition, Nintendo Power will be offering 3 cards Poseidon, Thanatos, and Medusa.


Kid Icarus fans are very blessed with all these opportunities to get AR cards without having to buy another game, and I’m expecting Nintendo’s marketing to generate another best selling game to capture the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Nintendo: Always rising above expectations!

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No GravatarTo Bring you up to speed, Yu-gi-oh! is second only to Magic in the world for Trading Card games that has its on Manga and Anime that stars Yugi and 13 year old high school student who was pretty much a wimp until one day his Grandfather gives him The Millennium Puzzle. This items that holds the key to Yami The Pharaoh, the Spirit dwelling inside the puzzle. Over The Years Yu-gi-oh! faced, Seto Kabai his greatest Rival, Bakura a childhood friend that was taken over by the spirit in his item the millennium necklace. Marik, Yami’s tomb keeper who also was taken over by the Millennium Rod spirit and Maximillion Pegasus the holder of The Millennium Eye and The Creator of The TCG of the Show, Duel Monsters.

Yu-gi-oh! R is a Spin off/Prequel series between Yu-gi-oh! Duelist and Yu-gi-oh! Millennium World written by Akira Ito. Ito is an apprentice of Kazuki Takahashi the writer of the original series who is the Artist for this Series. Yugi and Yami where about to go and use the Three Egyptian God Cards, Slifer the Sky Dragon, Oblisek The Tormentor , and The Winged Dragon of Ra and The Puzzle to unlock the secrets of Yami’s past. Then,the Unthinkable happens, Pegasus’ Adopted Sons Gekko and Yako Tenma who are trying to exact revenge on Yugi and Yami for supposedly Killing their Step-father.

So They capture Tea Gardner, Yugi’s friend and take over Seto’s company Kabai Corp, by Hijacking their computer network. So it is now up to Yugi, His best friends Joey Wheeler, Tristian Taylor, Seto and his brother Mokuba, to stop The two brothers their old rivial Bandit Keith and the Duel Professors who have all been giving the power to use the Shadow Realm where Pegasus used its power to give the God Cards their power, and to try to save his dead wife, to banish them for ever if they lose.

This is a Must Read, They debut Wicked Cards who are equal powerful as the God Cards, and More cards that have not yet to be released in America and a free card in every book you can’t lose. This goes double for people who didn’t/don’t like the two recent Anime series GX and 5D’s and just those wanting more of Yugi and Yami the Pharaoh. I loved the fact they answer some major questions about the God Cards, close story lines with the characters that just won’t quit.