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One of the hottest games available at the moment is League of Legends. It’s fan base is at an international level and has millions of people logging onto their computers to play it everyday. So understandably, there will be several companies looking to ride the coat tails of their success. This brings us to Infinite Crisis.


Infinite Crisis is an upcoming Free To Play MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) game from Turbine and WB Games. The realm of this game features characters from the DC Universe. It appears that you will be able to play as your favorite superheroes and villains from several different worlds or earths per-say. The main story aspect is straight from the series known as Crisis on Infinite Earths. This give players the opportunity to interact with your favorites such as Batman, Superman and The Flash. Battle/team up with characters that are similar but different depending on which earth they come from.

If you seem to be remotely interested, luckily they are holding a closed beta which you can sign-up for by going to Once there, just register to gain access to the beta. Based on lotto, players will be randomly selected to participate in the beta. The game is scheduled for release sometime in 2013, so be patient and get excited.

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No GravatarHere at Real Otaku Gamer we don’t just watch anime and read mangas, we also watch American cartoons and read American comics. Comic books have been around in America since the 1930s. Being here for around 80 years or so, one can imagine how much story and lore would be behind some of our favorite characters. It can make it a little intimidating for someone new to give reading the comics a try. Because of that notion, DC Comics decided to launch “The New 52” where all previous titles were cancelled and 52 new titles debuted starting from issue #1, following the conclusion of the event wide crossover storyline “Flashpoint.” Most of my knowledge of the DC lore comes from the animated cartoons and DVDs, but I’ve never been into the comics. If I ever wanted to know something, I would just wiki it. But I always had a yearning to read certain storylines. So with New 52, I decided to give it a try, and with the second wave about to come out, it’s a good place to evaluate how my journey through DC Comics is going.

So how is The New 52 looking so far in the eyes of a DC fan but not a DC Comic reader? So far I’m caught up on Justice League, Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Teen Titans, and Static Shock. I’ve read the first issue of Batman: The Dark Knight, Flash, and Justice League Dark, and plan on reading Batwing, Nightwing, Batman and Robin, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Green Lantern Corps, Red Lanterns, Superboy, Deathstroke, Voodoo, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Green Arrow. Whoo, that’s a lot. So far from what I have read, I’m enjoying the re-launch a lot. While some long time readers may be a little irked about the re-launch, I think this is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to test the waters.  But be warned new comers, it can be a little confusing keeping up when some comics crossover and others are supposed to be happening at the same time while other aren’t.  When I first started reading Batman, I didn’t know which Batman was present day Batman, Batman or Batman: The Dark Knight. (Riddle me this, how many Batmans does it take to make a complete sentence) And to be honest, I am still confused, never mind the other Batman related comics like Nightwing and Batman and Robin. And then we have Justice League where all the heroes are pretty new to the world and not trusted by most. Until I read them all I think I will remain confused but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the story, which so far is really well done.

I think so far my favorites are Batman, Aquaman, and Static Shock, Aquaman being the biggest surprise so far. Everyone knows the Aquaman is usually the butt of many jokes and many don’t take him seriously.  What his comic does is genius, they take all those jokes and bring them to the forefront and basically dismiss them by showing how badass Aquaman truly is. Two of my favorite parts so far have to be a cop getting saved by Aquaman and then sulking because all of his cop buddies will make fun of him for it and a dinner full of people freaking out when Aquaman orders the fish and chips. I must say that the writing really stands out here.

What makes me a little sad is that Static Shock, along with five other titles, is already being cancelled and replaced by other titles in the new wave. For me personally, it’s a little sad to see DC losing some of its diversity with the new wave coming along. That and Static Shock is one of my favorite comic book characters.  With all that being said, The New 52 line up is so far very fun and worth checking out. If you are new to reading comics, it might be just what you need to really get into your favorite heroes.

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No Gravatar2010 has been a good year, with many things taking place.  Even with all of it’s changes, there were 10 things that were important enough to me, to make it on this list.  So, without further a due, here is my top 10 of 2010.

10. Yu-Gi-Oh!

This year, Yu-Gi-Oh had its 10th year anniversary, and creator Kazuki Takahashi celebrated with the release of Bonds Beyond Time, a 3D animated featured film. The movie features Yugi Moto from the original series, Jaden Yuki from Yu-gi-oh! GX, and Yusei Fudo from Yu-gi-oh! 5Ds in an adventure that spans from all 3 story arcs of the show thus far. It features a new villain, Paradox, and his malefic monsters made up of the stolen cards from the three heroes and their friends. The movie is set to release next year in America with a special promo pack given out in theaters, and sold in stores. There have been 3 games released this year for Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and the Nintendo Wii. There was also three new promo TCG sets along with the standard releases, by the name of Hidden Arsenal. These sets are very special as these cards where only available at Duel Terminals, which are scarce in the United States. The new season of Yu-gi-oh! 5Ds aired on 4kids TV, and there was a new manga series Yu-gi-oh! R. I reviewed this series earlier this year on ROG. It’s time to duel, again.
9. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The Jerry Bruckheimer (the producer of Disney’s Pirates of The Caribbean) take on this series had everyone blown away this year. No one expected the film story, the cast which featured Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince, and bringing the magic that is the Dagger and Sands of Time to life on the big screen. The Film had high octane action sequences you would expect from a Bruckheimer film. There are many high flying acrobatics with parkour chase scenes. The fight scenes even look like they’ve been ripped straight out of a the video game. The story had been changed, the Prince, named Dastan, his father, his uncle, the Visir Nizam (played by Ben Kingsley) and his brothers that ruled over Persia after he was adopted into the kingdom as young orphan boy, which he then meets the beautiful Princess Tamina ( played by Gemma Arterton). Tamina guarded the sands with her life and foretold some one would save the kingdom and someone one betray it. This by far is one of the best film adaption to a video game series every, it is a must see and if you know the story a must see again.

8. St. Louis HIP HOP

St. Louis hip hop has come along way. The five major acts, Nelly, Chingy, J-kwon, Jibbs and Huey, have made their mark on the city but now there are alot of new, up and comers that are looking to take the top spot in the city and in hip-hop in general. Those aritist included Luey V, Shorty Tha Price, Laudie, Ray Tha kidd, Tez Banga, Team Fresh Boyz, Yung Ro, Young Rhome, X.O, Shawtie 314, MC, Opps, Gena, Ceo Lace and Nokeio, RemRod, Ruka Puff, Ebony Eyes, June 5th and many many others. They do not hesitate to work with the local producers, dancers, and R&;B acts to diversify their sounds. They also are not afraid to play as many venues as possible to generate new and different fans. They connect and listen to their fan’s input which alot of artist fail to do today. The future looks bright for all of STL’s rising hip hop stars, so be on the look out for them on a radio station,and in a music store near you.

7. Mobile Suit Gundam 00em>

Never did I once take a kin to a series, especial a Gundam series. Earth has lost almost all of its Natural Resources and has been divided into 3 regions, the Union, the Human Reform League and the AEU. The three nations built orbital elevators to gather energy and get humans to work in space. The only problem was one region wanted it all, and where all on the brink of war. Thus the counter terrorist group and peace keeping force know as Celestial Being came into the fold with the powerful Mobile Suits know as Gundam as their weapons of choice. There were four Gundam Miesters where selected to wield the power of these four machines each holding up CB’s motto and mission to eradcate war through armed interventions. They each have their own reason to eradicate war, but only together will they re-unite the world of the world and bring peace to it once again. Look for this in an upcoming review on ROG soon.

6. Batman

The Dark Knight may not have had a feature film out this year, but he had a strong grip over the animation side of things. The Tv show Batman the Brave and the Bold was a hit, as well as his 3 DC Universe Spotlight films, The Justice League Crisis on Two Earths, Batman/Superman Apocalypse, and Batman: Under The Red Hood. He’s been featured in three games, Batman the Brave and the Bold, The Game of the Year Edition of Batman Arkham Asylum and the beta for DC Universe Online. Lastly he’s had his most anticipated return to the comics, well Bruce Wayne any way in Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne, and Batman Inc. These comics bring him back into the fold after the events of Final Crisis, and Darkest Night/Brightest Day, after he was presumed dead by superman but it was no less but a clone of him. Terry McGinnis also returns in the Batman Beyond Mini Series as he and Bruce took on Hush, the story picks up after the final episode of the TV series. Things are looking good for the Cape Crusader as next year in January on Cartoon Network a Series Young Justice will premiere which is a spin off of the Justice league and Teen Titans shows, in which Batman leading Robin and host of other young heroes to do battle with the forces of evil, and DC Universe Online Launches January 11th. Batman Arkham City will be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in fall 2011 and there may possibly even been a teaser trailer for 2012’s Batman the Dark Knight Rising which is the 3rd Film in the Christoper Nolan’s Film Reboot.

5. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Ezio has come to Rome, and the amount of detail and game upgrades from the ACII and the online mode is superb to say the least, offering up a new competitive multiplayer experience. Ezio is back to finish the work he started in Assassins Creed II. He will avenge his fallen comrades and uncle Mario from the Borgia, by rebuilding and leading the Assassins guild to battle. Desmond will continue the fight against Abstergo on the outside as he learns all of Ezio’s new moves and skills from the Animus system. Not to be outdone the Templars out side of the Animus by rebuilding the Brotherhood one solider at a time. In the multi-player mode they will train up soldiers to take on Ezio/Desmond, with you playing one of the many people captured and put into enslavement to do their bidding. You and your friends will be back stabbers and this time both the story and the multi-player will be expanded through DLC.

4. Mafia II

Vito Scaletta is taking his life back, after his father slaved to the Mafia of Empire city and him almost losing his in WWII. Vito’s family lived most of their life dirt poor and his best friend Joe Barbaro helps him get into the Life. The Mafia had them both working as grunts for along time until they final showed and proved their usefulness but at cost of many of those they loved. Their loyalty to each other and to the family was even tested each and every day and the dirty work even put them even more at odds . The game play was tight, the cars where of those classics of the era, the music made you feel like you where from the 40’s and early 50’s and the voice acting was amazing, you really felt like your where apart of the Mafia. Hopefully we dont have to wait another 10 years to play this next game in the series again, bravo to 2k games.

3. God of War III

The action, the pain, and the vengeance, Kratos brought the noise in his “final” chapter. You felt as though the Gods trembled as Kratos beat each and every one of them down to a pulp. No spoilers here though, just play the game and find out. The weapons where some of the best in the series and the boss battles where spectacles to be played and marvel at the same time. Most of Kratos’s arsneal was plucked from the God’s own dead hands after he defeated them, and you were brought up close and personal each and every battle. The music kept your blood pumping and your heart jumping, the environments, had many sides to them to move on through Mt Olympus and you will learn all of there secrets and battle along side the Titans in the breathtaking open sequence . The only problem with this game was it was a tad bit short but it is ok, Kratos is and forever be the God of War.

2. Tron Legacy

I wasn’t born by the time 1st film released but I studied up and got into the universe heavy before seeing this film. Who would’ve though after July 9, 1982, that Disney could push CGI, and 3D in films to the level they that they did with this film? The story was easy to follow. It had a some easter eggs from the 1st film, 80’s classics and other Disney Sci-Fi Films. Daft Punk also made their return and scored this masterpiece with the help of a live orchestra, they woven a seamless soundtrack of techno/house music with Disney’s standard but stellar ensemble There is three things left to say to you, go see it in IMAX 3D, join The Flyyns and fight for the Users. Stay turned for my full review on the movie, coming real soon on ROG.
1. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is an instant classic. This game will have you hooked from the title screen to the end credits as you follow John Marshton in the fight to save his family and the old west as he knows it. RDR is living proof that Rockstar is not just the GTA company. The game has two HUGE single player campaigns RDR and RDR Undead Nightmare and is equally large. The expansive multi-player in this game, even when you beat the story mode, will keep you playing it well into next year. The old west will come alive, through the amazing voice acting, the environments, the sound design, the music, the game play is spot on there is no reason you shouldn’t have this game right now on Xbox 360 or PS3. Every one needs to have this game, so if you don’t, go get it ASAP and like the Truth and Treezy504 said for Uncharted 2 last year it was the GAME OF THE YEAR . Look for my complete review on this game as well coming real soon to the ROG.

***Happy New Year and be on the look out for my most anticipated for 2011 and the new episode of I heard’em Say Ft Hip Hop Gamer

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No GravatarWarner Premiere has announced the next title in its DC Universe direct to disc line is going to be Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. For those who are not in the know, the story follows the 2nd story arc “The Supergirl From Krypton”. Real Otaku Gamer has heard that this new animated movie will be released on September 28, 2010. The movie will be released in three different versions, a single standard edition DVD, a double-disc Special Edition DVD, and on Blu-ray disc.

The previous  Superman/Batman release from DC Universe “Public Enemies” was based on the first story arc of the same name. The new Batman:Under the Red Hood comes out on July 27th, 2010 and Warner Brothers announces this new animated feature. This shows Warner Brothers dedication to make these characters relevant so that feature films may be considered. Here is the cover art and the trailer for this feature.

[youtube UOgicHL1j9M]