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Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa recently did interviews with both 4Gamer and Famitsu. When speaking with both sites, he discussed among other things, Disgaea 5 Complete and Switch development.

With 4Gamer, Niikawa discussed porting from PS4 to Switch, and said tt was relatively smooth for Disgaea. He noted there was nothing NIS had to downgrade, and he stated that even in portable mode, the experience still remain same as PS4 version.

In his interview with Famitsu, Niikawa explained why Disgaea 5 was chosen as NIS’ first title. They felt it would be a big hurdle to bring out something completely new at launch and wanted to still make a big impression. Therefore, they chose a project which would be smooth to port.

Niikawa was asked if there were more Switch games planned and he responded with a firm yes. He then asked gamers to look forward to an announcement in the future.



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It was announced today that Disgaea 2 is coming to Steam this coming January, The game will have the contents of the PS2 original and the PSP remake and even more content that did not come stateside.



~ The DEFINITIVE Edition! Includes all content from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (PS2) and Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (PSP) ~

Darkness is back. Overlord Zenon has cursed the land, and now, Veldime is transforming into a nasty Netherworld. Memories are sterilized, bodies demonized, the world is falling into chaos. The only one unaffected is a young man, Adell. He stands up to fight the curse, but things never go as planned. The haughty daughter of Zenon, a filthy little frog, lovable demon siblings and a washed-up rock star!? No one can ever predict what goes on in the world of Disgaea. And of course, other Overlords refuse to sit still watching…

Key Features:

Choose from over 200 character classes for your squad!
All-new Dark Court system where the good are punished and the evil praised.
The Item World is back! Customize your items to make them even better.
Utilize the new Stack Attack option, adding another layer of strategy.
Enter the Dark World: a hardcore world setting where you can display massive amounts of damage!
Play through Axel Mode and help Axel regain his popularity!
Head over to the Land of Carnage, defeat high level enemies, and claim victory!

New to Disgaea 2 PC:

Updated UI, keyboard and mouse support
New keyboard shortcuts
Playable on Macs & Steam Machines!
Three playable characters that never made it to the West: Dark Eclair, Gig, and Miabel!