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Stardew Valley is a game that is one you certainly won’t want to miss. A classic farming game that ever since its release has become such a hit, it has found homes on every system it could. Stardew Valley finally finds it’s home on Nintendo Switch and now it just feels like it’s found a perfect home. Stardew Valley is one of those games that you can spend hours on in a day, or a few minutes here and there. It’s a simple game yet one that people have dissected enough where you can now tell how intricate it can be. There are so many different things you can do in this game, and so many characters to meet that you won’t always have time to do everything you might want. Before you know it, it’s late and your character better head to bed.

Stardew Valley is at its core a farming game likened to Harvest Moon. When I was younger, playing Harvest Moon, I assured myself that one day I’d live in a Harvest Moon game and have a great life. While that never happened, I am happy to say I’ve found that magic again in Stardew.  This magic is something of an anomaly because, I’m not usually one for rustic living but the charm of these games is pure magic.

This game is one that is filled with so much to do. You can obviously farm and build your farm to be the best. This is always something I seem to not do so much, but I’m working on my farm this time. You can mine for ore and fight monsters so it’s not all about farming. Plus you get to meet strange people and find out their stories. You can even get married, and you can even be in a same sex relationship, if that floats your boat.

Stardew valley is an amazing game and one that will have you playing for hours upon hours. You will always find something to take up game time. From festivals, to different normal activities. It is always fun to see what comes up and as you continue to play the events change based on how you play. Going to a dance with a date will allow you actually take part in the festivities. Nothing will ever be the same when you take certain actions.

This game is also quite real in that you can ruin relationships. Unlike Harvest Moon where it really is one and done, you can divorce your spouse or be divorced. This is an all to real thing that makes you work a little harder for your in game spouse. This game really is like a modern Harvest Moon and that is a great thing. A game that wants to be all it can while taking on more to make it stand out. That is why it’s so amazing.

Stardew Valley is now out on the Switch as well as just about every other system you night want to own it on! So get out there, create a legendary farm, and live a long farm based life in Stardew Valley!

No GravatarWhat is Chibi-Pa Moto? That question can be answered with a few simple key ingredients for a convention such as this. It’s what happens when you take the combined voice acting talents and careers of Lord Zedd from Power Rangers, Batuo form Ghost in the Shell, Dita from Vandread, Spain from Hetalia and mix them all together. Then to add a bit more soul and flavor, you drop in an Otaku Comedian group, a unique musical band, some hardcore gangsta Otakus, and a guy who built his own GUNDAM armor as cosplay. And the result you get from that combination is Chibi-Pa Moto 2011, which is by far one of the most fun cons I have ever been to. The people were fun to hang around with, the guest were just as fun and cool to talk with, and the Otaku power level is far and beyond 9000.


Below is the gallery of pictures I and the rest of the R-O-G staff had took while exploring the convention that was Chibi-Pa Moto. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, not amount of words could describe the fun experience and atmosphere of actually being at Chibi-Pa Moto. My compliments to the staff and others who made this con what it was, a fun experience that ever Otaku out there should witness. Check out all the pictures and see the EPICness that we saw.




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