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No GravatarIn an effort to make Sims 4 players a bit happier after a lot of criticism on the game, EA is giving away some Fall freebies to players who have purchased Sims 4.

According to the official Sims website, free content will be split up this fall into items for October, November, and December.  The reason for this surprise is because the Sims 4 was designed “…to be a live service, so we can continually evolve the experience, add new content, and incorporate as much of your feedback as possible.”

The October patch, which is currently available to download from Origin, includes a Halloween theme.  Ghosts are now back for the newest addition of the Sims franchise.  Players can even dress their Sims in Star Wars costumes.  There are also some new eye colors that were added by request from fans in the Sims community.

Ghosts are making a comeback with the Sims 4 October patch.

Ghosts are making a comeback with the Sims 4 October patch.

In November, swimming pools will make a comeback to the Sims.  The lack of swimming pools during the release of Sims 4 in September was one of many criticisms, since pools have been an integral part of the Sims franchise for awhile.  In December, new career paths will be added, though there is no news of what specifically those paths will be.


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Elite Club Nintendo poster of Wind Waker

No GravatarAny Nintendo fan should know what Club Nintendo is by now. It’s basically a loyalty program that gives you coins for buying Nintendo consoles and games, you then redeem saved coins for physical merchandise (all or most Club Nintendo exclusive) or downloadable games.

Now every July the accumulation of all the points you gained throughout the year after reaching a certain amount of coins earn you either a Gold or Platinum status that can earn you the coveted Elite Status gifts of the year. Silver is the highest status you can strive for, and the one with the best items.

Well, this year is mostly disappointing.

Let’s start with gifts for Gold which are all available to people who earned Platinum and I don’t recommend them picking out.

Gold Members only have one option for physical merchandise, the Club Nintendo calendar which has been a somewhat proud part of the Club Nintendo tradition. It will have beautiful artwork and promotional images of Nintendo games, some lovely, some much less visually appealing.

2014 Club Nintendo Calendar

Everything else is a downloadable game, some which are beloved classics: Super Smash Bros., WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, Super Mario Land, and Sakura Samurai.

Gold Members should get a downloadable game they’ll enjoy. People who want calendars actively go out to seek a calendar, perhaps they’re cheap one dollar puppy calendars or the really nice expensive import anime calendars that cost a pretty penny. If in your opinion it’s just what you’ve been looking for knock yourself out, but if you get the calendar for the sake of getting a physical item you’ll just lose the opportunity to play a decent game. And in my opinion, no one should suffer seeing Wario’s face for one solid month.

WarioWare Wario screenshot

No one.

And for those who spend an inhumane amount of money to reach the Platinum status have earned themselves two truly jealousy inducing items.

The first is a three poster set. It features Pikmin 3, the HD release poster for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and retro Luigi. The Wind Waker poster is a visual wonder (based on the art for the game’s soundtrack) I could stare at for hours and Luigi wins because he’s Luigi.

Elite Club Nintendo poster of Wind Waker

Elite Status Club Nintendo retro Luigi poster

And the holy grail of all rewards Club Nintendo is offering this year, a Club Nintendo re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask soundtrack. If you seriously don’t think this is worth getting because you can just download all the songs (probably illegally) online you’re mistaken. Majora’s Mask is probably one of the best games ever released and has an amazing soundtrack to come along with it. You’re getting a physical representation of Shigeru Miyamoto’s soul and a fragment of years of development. All wrapped up in a plastic case embellished with artwork that only reflect a portion of the game the music belongs to. The only way I can see anyone getting the posters over this is the intrinsic value of CDs has been completely lost, or they must really hate the Legend of Zelda for some reason.

Club Nintendo of America Majora's Mask soundtrack

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Banner for free Ichimura event

No GravatarBanner for free Ichimura event

The yearly anime convention called Chibi-Pa will be hosting a free event tomorrow at Ichimura Japanese Garden, located in Miami.

I will be hosting panels and possibly giving free stuff. Get there early, the panels have no solid schedules and will be randomly scheduled at the event. The panels hosted will be

  • Spot the Fakes: How to Avoid Ripoffs and Other Unlicensed Goods
  • Otaku on a Budget

So if you live in South Florida, drop by.

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August 17-19

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August 17-19

This convention is a can’t miss for geeks in Miami! The convention prides itself as an anime convention, but has expanded to include many fandoms including gaming, tabletop, and American pop culture. Panels to suit any tastes are abundant, but there are too many to cover. So all you need to know is yours truly will be hosting ROG panels the Saturday and Sunday of the con. Freebies will be given out to the lovely people who attend so I suggest you all come and enjoy yourselves, you might get something.


10-11 AM: The Birthday Panel

7:30-8 PM: Otaku on a Budget


1:30-3 PM: The History of Vocaloids

One of the main events this year is a new Masquerade Ball that will be held the Friday of the weekend. Saturday will also be host to a pool party and a cosplay contest, and while Sunday is the shortest day in convention time, it usually is the most relaxed one, perfect after two days of excitement so you can just lay back, chill with other fans and perhaps catch a few panels. Mizucon 2012 will be fun, so plan your days ahead of time to make the most of what it has to offer and just have fun!

The list of all the panels and events that will occur can be seen here.

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No GravatarToday, Nintendo has given club Nintendo members the privilege to get 3 free AR cards from the up and coming Kid Icarus game. These 3 cards feature Grim Reaper, Drill Arm, and apparently a rare one of Palutena. This is what appears to be a promotion for the new Kid Icarus game Nintendo fans have been waiting for. Nintendo has stated every copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising would come with 6 randomly selected AR cards with 20 to collect in total, which is bound to result in a collector’s frenzy. There are more opportunities to get these additional AR cards. Gamestop is going to be having game-play sessions on April 14 where every participant will get 5 AR cards with Eggplant Wizard, Skyscraper Club, Fireworks Cannon, Minos and the Fiend’s Cauldron. In addition to this Game Informer and @Gamer will have more AR cards in their April issues. As a nice addition, Nintendo Power will be offering 3 cards Poseidon, Thanatos, and Medusa.


Kid Icarus fans are very blessed with all these opportunities to get AR cards without having to buy another game, and I’m expecting Nintendo’s marketing to generate another best selling game to capture the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Nintendo: Always rising above expectations!