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The other day, we mentioned an awesome Kickstarter by Ashphord Jacoway for her one-woman show I Wish My Life Was an RPG. I’ve seen the show a few times, and it is AMAZING, so I jumped at the chance to interview Ashphord about this latest iteration, which will be performed at the renowned Hollywood Fringe Festival. Oh, and if her name sounds familiar, you may have seen her on season three of The Tester.


1.) What inspired you to create this show?

When I was in college, I took a solo performance class with my teacher and inspiration, Dr.Tawnya Pettiford-Wates. We were asked to bring in material that struck us emotionally and that we were passionate about. I thought of my love for gaming and anime first, and that evolved into an idea – I would discuss life as a female gamer. I had found the passion aspect, but it felt like I was missing the emotional connection. At the time, I was reconnecting with my African ancestry and finding a love for my own culture. As a kid growing up in Northern California, I grew up around a lot of white people and, as a result, the black people I met when I moved to Virginia did not accept the way that I talked or acted. I chose to explore my fears and concerns with my race and the gaming community combined.

2.) What’s your favorite RPG of all time?

My favorite RPG of all time is Earthbound. My favorite game of any other genre is Tetris Attack, cause I’m sooooo good at it.

3.) How long have you been a gamer?

I have been gaming for nineteen years now.

4.) What do you do to prepare for the show?

Now, since the work is so ingrained into my body (I know the show inside and out), I do run-throughs each week and try to add new things to keep it fresh. I also meet once a week with my director, Mischa Livingstone. He cast me after my first audition in LA, and we’ve been close ever sense. I also spend this time playing video games; it helps for research!


5.) How does it feel being a part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival?

I feel so blessed. The community is wonderful, and the love and support from my family and friends is even better. It’s nice, because when I’m asked what projects I am working on and I mention Fringe, it gets such a positive response – and a +1 in Respect.

6.) What do you hope people gain from I Wish My Life Was an RPG?

I want people to feel a sense of self-validation. I want people to walk away knowing that they can overcome anything, and that they’re not alone. I want people to be proud to love the things they love.

7.) Do you have any advice for young girls out there who may be going through some of the troubles of being a female geek?

If it’s negative, it’s not true. You are wonderful and amazing, and if no one wants to game with you, make your own raid. People will come, because they can see the light in you. And no matter what games you play and how often, if you have a passion for ANYTHING (games, anime, comics), be proud and know that you are a geek, gamer, nerd, or whatever you want to be!

Don’t let anyone tell you what you are and are not. Lots of gamers (male and female) want to challenge your geekdom and see if you’re really one of them or just one of the new geeks who say they are geeks because it’s the cool thing to do now. It’s called a Nerd-Off, and it’s ridiculous and created out of fear – now their sacred thing is public and no longer hidden – but that’s another story.

Either way, I say be who you are and stay true to yourself, because validation comes from within.

8.) Anything else you’d like to share?

I am so happy to be working on this project, and I feel as though I am doing something useful with my artistic abilities. I want to create change in this world, and I know that I can. I started in college by performing with The Conciliation Project, a sociopolitical theatre company based in Richmond, VA. When I do panels with my group, Chocolate Covered Cosplay, we hold open dialogues about race and gender in the geek community. There is always someone who approaches us at the end and says, “Thank you for sharing, because I thought I was alone.” I want everyone to know that they are not alone. That is why I do what I do!

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No GravatarThere are not a lot of special product for straight otaku girls out there. And just what do I mean by that? I’m mostly talking about the shortage of body pillows, wall scrolls, sexy figures, and many other similar products featuring attractive male characters. Do a search for “pillow” on a reputable website and the amazing majority in that department is female characters. So once I saw this nice reasonably priced official body pillow I had to get my mitts on it immediately instead of risking the possibility of having it sold it. For $24.99 I can’t complain about what I got.

pillowixbThe only description of the body pillow was just 70 cm so I knew it wouldn’t be the type of body pillow you could give a full body embrace to but at least provides someone to hug on lonely nights. Any other detail about the pillow was left out, which is where I come in. The listing looked like this, and I was super excited because the unbearably attractive bodyguard, Soshi Metsukami, from one of my new favorite shows Inu X Boku Secret Service had his very own pillow, despite the fact THERE ISN’T AN ACCURATE FIGURE OF HIM YET (as a figure collector I hate that the show has no figure replicas of their male leads whom are all attractive) at least I can now have a body pillow of him.

I suffered over ten days of agony waiting for him to arrive and was quite excited when I got him. The pillow has no packaging and was put in a clear bag for convenience so the first thing I saw was the side the listing didn’t show, I was hoping maybe a full body shot of him like with Ririchiyo would be there but it was just a plain purple side. I like to call those sides “3D sensors.”

Plain purple side

But now to the interesting side, it does look much better in real life. The quality of the printing is of high caliber and, dare I say, the colors are vivid and makes Soshi look like he came straight out of the anime (or manga, whatever). I love the checkered background which makes it stand out from other pillows and Soshi’s nine-tailed fox manifestation in the background is a nice touch.


The most neat thing about this body pillow is that it comes as a pillow and it is not just a cover. This makes it a great deal because typically pillow covers are sold separately from the pillow itself. These are quite costly, and having to buy the pillow gives another hit in the wallet. I’d say typically $100 at least for both of them.

The pillow is 100% polyester which brings me to my only complain, it isn’t what I would call soft. However it’s still feels good enough to sleep with.

An authentic pillow has this label and tag with a sticker from Aniplex.



I hope this doesn’t become pirated as it is a reasonably priced official good. Usually my product reviews stop at this point, but this product can only be found in one place from my research, so here is the link.

As more products fangirls can enjoy are released, I’ll try to cover the most I can. Just remember this, support the industry and show them you want this merchandise by buying it and they will deliver.

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Last night I got a chance to chat it up with the beautiful Raychul Moore. Raychul is someone who has been involved with the gaming industry for the past 7 years, in that time she has seen and heard a lot and gave me the opportunity to talk about it. Here, she touches on her gaming origins and beginnings, the magical and awkward world of Cosplay, and the gaming industry through her eyes. Check out the full 3 part interview with the type of good stuff you will only find on THE BITT.



Part 1



Part 2



Part 3




Thanks for hanging out with us Raychul. Stay beautiful…. stay classy….. stay EPIC.