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No GravatarGFF is in session and found some pretty sweet figures that should be in high demand and sold out within a few days, I begin with….

Arkham City Play Arts Kai Batman and Robin

Remember seeing Robin in Arkham City and having your jaw drop because he became one of the sexiest things ever? I know I do. But back onto figures they made one of Robin and his former boss Batman.

Batman figureRobin figure

They’re both articulate and have extra parts. Robin has two hands and his famous baton while Batman has only one versatile grappling hook and three hands, one of which comes with claws.

Robin figure

It’s a bit sad Batman doesn’t come with loads of gadgets, remember when he had the most awesome utility belt one the planet? My only complain with Batman is he looks very bulky, even for modern Batman. Other than that we have another round of beautiful Square Enix masterpieces.

Maker: Square Enix  Average online price: $55.91

Super Sonico: Tiger Hoodie Version (Limited Edition Nendoroid)

Super Sonico with hoodieSuper Sonico singing

The figure is rather new, and I don’t know what its parts exactly are but it does come with a microphone and a guitar with at least three interchangeable faces.

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $78.13

GUMI Nendoroid

The Megpoid mascot finally gets her own Nendoroid figurine to the joy of Vocaloid fans everywhere. It surely resembles he lineness, except tinier and cuter.


She has other faces and changeable hands. There you see her winking while flashing a rock on sign!

Winking Gumi

There’s she’s putting her goggles on, not sure why she even has them in the first place but it looks cool.

Gumi with goggles on

And now for the ultimate adorableness she’s riding her character prop, a carrot with….. I don’t even know what to call that face but it WORKS.

Gumi on carrot

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $38.56

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Lily overhead figure view

No GravatarWelcome to Go Figures Friday! It’s been a while, but time to get back up on that horse. On that note I begin with…

SCI-FI Revoltech Woody (Re-run) 

Yeah, I know, I don’t cover re-runs, but this one has to be announced. This figure has been high in demand, and so has been reissued. However, its popularity doesn’t have to do much with it being a very popular character, or a high quality figure which it is, but mostly because it has become one of the most hilarious Japanese memes ever created! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me introduce you to Hentai Woody.

Woody stealing panties or pantsu

Woody being pedo on Tsubasu

You can thank me for ruining your childhood later.

That is Woody’s second face, and if you’re wondering when the hell he ever made a face like that in Toy Story it’s apparently based off his laughing face. Although I think it might be from when Bo Peep gave him a kiss, and I don’t have the movie to verify it.

The face sold to the public, however, is the one below; which is a normal expression. The faces he has are quite interesting as the eyeballs can be positioned anywhere with adjustable knobs in the back of them.

Woody Revoltech figure

Woddy figure adjustable eyes

He also comes with 5 hands (although I’ll never know why Buzz Lightyear’s hand is one of them), goggles, a dart, a coin, and his laughing face.


Average online price: $37.29  Maker: Kaiyodo

Evangelion the Movie Trading Figures

Damn, my moon man’s not there, however these look like some pretty good trading figures amongst the million Evangelion figures sold everywhere; especially with their beautiful sculpting.


Sold in capsules, so you get a surprise with every one. Whether happy or unpleasant, can’t be guaranteed.

Average online price: $5.49  Maker: Kaiyodo

Figma Accel World: Kuroyukihime School Avatar Version

I love Figmas with every increasing day, and although I don’t know about this series, I’d still get her (if I wasn’t so poor and whatnot). The easily most capturing part of this figure are the large, simple wings. The anime hair fly away’s are very well done, and her outfit is perfectly recreated.

Accel figure with butterfly wings

She comes with three faces, a pig, umbrella, several hands, and a cane.

Average online price: $51.20  Maker: Max Factory

Lily from Anim.o.v.e

Lily is a Vocaloid, but not one of the famous ones. So it’s exciting she’ll be getting a new figure. This figure has been labeled as a premium figure. However, I find her not to be of extreme high quality, but I’d proudly display her. There is another figure made by the same company that’s more popular, so you have to carefully research this one to find out.

This is the figure the image is based from, which makes her even more exciting. Most fixed posed figures don’t have expressions like a wink, which makes her less generic than your average PVC figure, so get her before she runs out!

Lily figure illustration

My only regret is that she doesn’t look as bruised as she does in her illustration, and her wink lost its fierceness. I hope she could get a remake that makes her look exactly like she does in the image. This is probably the only time I’ll ever say Good Smile Company has disappointed me.

Lily overhead figure view

Average online price: $32.99  Maker: Good Smile Company

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Hideyoshi figure next to Miharu

No GravatarI shall be reviewing two new figures I ordered a few days ago. The site was having a decent sale and I wanted to buy myself some nice Baka to Test figures. So I ordered Hideyoshi Kinoshita (the trap) and Miharu Shimizu (the lesbian). I wasn’t aware, but they both were a Sega Prize figure. Sega Prize is a line of figures, plushies, and many other things produced by Sega for arcade game machines you can win prizes from.

Average Japanese arcade.

Sadly, I live in the states, and they’re not available, so the only way to access those awesome prizes is ordering them online. So I open the box, push the packing peanuts out of the way and they look pretty good, but I thought Miharu would’ve been bigger.

figures in boxHideyoshi figure next to MiharuMiharu running figure

Miharu’s is a Petite Nendoroid made between Sega and Good Smile Company, so she has amazing quality for her size. What I love the most is her hair, which, despite its cartooniness, achieves realism with subtle changes in the color so some areas will be darker or lighter than other. You can also see her canine tooth, which makes her so much cuter it’s almost criminal. However, the real problem with her was putting her together, her head stuck to her torso like it should but her upper body and legs didn’t stay on while I was trying to put her on her stand. And in Nendoroid fashion, her arms are movable, but they have fallen off a few times. However once you put her in her stand and all, the figure doesn’t cause any problems. There are many other Baka to Test Petite Nendoroids with other characters, I recommend those, especially because they’re much cheaper than regular Nendoroids. Also, got to love the instructions on the back.


So you’re telling me there’s a hole in the back where the stick goes into?

However, I was mostly excited about Hideyoshi, who is my favorite character from the show, and is now my tallest figure standing at about 18 1/2 cm sans stand. With Miharu about 6 1/2 cm at her base, I shot a picture for size comparison.

comparing sizes

Now let me tell you what I love about him. For a figure you get at an arcade he is very high quality. I found no fault with the painting, and his face is beautiful. He has neat lines where he’s supposed to blush much like in mangas, and his eyes are just the icing on the cake. Another thing I love is his hair, the sculptor did a really good job at making it look like it does in the anime. Not to mention, he has an especially lovely collar bone and upper back!

Hideyoshi sidewaysHideyoshi upclose

Hideyoshi's back

Hideyoshi’s got back!

Sadly, he sold out from the website just a few days after I had bought him

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Original start screen for Undefined Fantastic Object

No GravatarHello guys, GFF is back with more exciting and beautiful figures for those of us with a love for them!

Cheerful Japan! Saber and Rin Nendoroid 

I absolutely love the Cheerful Japan! line because it brings my love of figures and charity together. Cheerful Japan! is what you get when you bring Good Smile Company and other figure manufacturers to bring new figures themed around the project’s title. Part of the money made is to be donated to support relief to the area afflicted by the tsunami that occurred last year. These new figures are a two for one bargain. Featuring TYPE-MOON’s Saber and Rin comes one of the most adorable cheerleading combos ever conceived!

rin and saber holding up bannersaber and rin tired and resting

They come with their own banner, set of pom poms, tired faces, and extra parts to sit them down.

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $104.90

Figuarts Zero Smoker 

I love One Piece, and so I believe it’s about time to feature one of their many villains. I introduce you to Smoker, one of my favorite marines. He comes with a jute, another face, and a changeable smoky arm to showcase his Devil Fruit ability.

Typical smoker stanceDevil fruit smoke ability

Now kids, no matter how cool he is it still doesn’t make smoking cool.

Makers: Bandai  Average online price: $36.24

K-On! 1/6 Scale Hirasawa Yui and Akiyama Mio (Clayz)

Akiyama MioHirasawa Yui

These stand alone figures from the hit show K-On! have an interesting story behind them. Apparently they were to be released by 2011, but the makers wanted to give their sculptors more time to make them perfect. The results are quite amazing.

Maker: Clayz  Average online price: $112.91

Touhou Vignette Reimu Hakurei Figure

Reimu Hakurei closeupFigure and accesories

What I’d like to call a 16cm wonder. Some of you may be thinking “this is not the Touhou Project I know” and you’re right. Unless you know your Touhou you wouldn’t know most of what you see out there is fan art. This is the official artwork this is based on, enjoy!

Original start screen for Undefined Fantastic Object

It's okay to scream.

Maker: Pink Company  Average online price: $65.00

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No GravatarWelcome to Go Figures Friday, the line up for today is…… a little weird to say the least.

Schick Hydro 5 Shaver Limited Edition Evangelion Strap Figures

All 7 figures Asuka

Ever wanted to get both a smooth clean shave and a new figurine? Apparently many Japenese people do and so for all those lovely otaku gentlemen comes this bundle exclusively found in Japan….. and the Internet.

The figures themselves are very lovely. Since they’re on straps you can show them off on your phone anywhere and everywhere (since it would be weird to carry around a normal one). The only downfall of these is that every one of them as something with Schick written on it if they’re girls or are shaving (with a Schick razor of course!) if they’re guys. But hey, promotions like these create brand awareness! If you’re planning to get them all save up to get 7 razors at a higher price because that’s how many figures there are.

Maker: Schick  Average online price: $22.00


UCC Mike Coffee Evangelion Figures

Apparently Japan excels at putting awesome things in their products, just look at these!


And this is not the first time, they’ve made other limited edition figures. These are the three lovely leading ladies in Evangelion, Rei, Mari, and Asuka, delicately put in a seating position holding a can of UCC Mike Coffee while getting ready to drive some giant robots. Did I mention the figures come with the coffee?

Maker: Kotobukiya  Average online price: $10.63

Madoka Magica Kyoko Sakura Nendoroid

spear throwhi there!

Now to bring back some normalcy to this post I introduce you to a Magika Madoka figure. She comes with three faces, a happy one, a sad one, and one sucking on a “Rocky.” With her awesome spear and a baked fish thing, this nendroid has some great accesories. Poseable with an articulate stand you can easily recreate any scene of the show with her.

Maker: Good Smile Company  Average online price: $59.00